Are you Dressing Appropriately for your Body Type

Quiz on Fashion

Daisy is tall and thin. Stacy and Clinton want her to have a curvier, more balanced look. What type of fit should her clothes have?
If you are tall like Daisy, how long should your skirts be?
Renee is on the short side and likes to show off her curves. Clinton and Stacy want to tone down her style and make her look more professional. What sort of jacket would be most flattering for Renee?
Hannah dresses for comfort, not style. She is a bit larger on top than bottom, and Stacy and Clinton want to make those areas look more proportional. What sort of jacket should they fit her with?
Maggie is 33, but she still dresses like a kid. She is on the thin side, so the oversized clothes do not complement her. What sort of sweater would accommodate her chest?

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