Winter Fashion Tips for Women

While some people think that winter is a disaster that needs a yearly fashion intervention, some people love winter season because it is most comfortable and appropriate to wear a new pair of boots and a fashionable coat. But whether you love it or not, we just need to update our wardrobes as the winter slowly falls in. Read through the article to learn the hottest winter fashion tips for women.


Bohemian-style boots will be around the corner of women’s fashion this winter. Bohemian boots are available in various styles and length. Knee high boots and thigh high boots are other popular winter-shoe trend for women. They are definietly the toasty thing to don on your feet till the end of the spring.

Winter Coats:

Sorry for those ladies who love to wear long-overcoats, this winter fashion is all about the short coat that usually appear in thick, solid fabrics with a more professional look. So, all you fashionista ladies need to have those well-cut, office look short coat this fall. Long coats are out this winter. High-class faux fur coat is another great choice this winter that will complement your evening dresses perfectly, make you look fashionable while keeping you warm all night long. But, always keep in mind that winter coats need to be selected based on the weather and climate first and comes the fashionability next. If you are staying in a very cold place, go for a wool peacoat that suits most of your wardrobes. Choose your favorite color that goes along with most of your outfits. A grey or black peacoat with accents of a bright color can complement various wardrobes nicely.


Leggings, jeggings and tights are a great way to not only express yourself but also to keep yourself warm during these winter days. You can find various types of leggings that include knee-highs, thigh-highs and tights in various colors and many choices of fabrics. They can be accessorized in many different ways with various winter dresses and outfits. Go for a little damaged leggings or jeggings for a tattered bohemian look, or you may like to go for an original fabric pattern for a simple-edgy look. Tattered panty hose are also VERY-MUCH-IN in many designers runways and winter dance club fashion.

Body Shape:

If you don’t choose the right kind of clothes, winter fashion may make you appear bulkier, so ensure that you select clothing that helps balances out your body and flatters your shape. If you have a bigger upper-body, A-line skirts will help you balance out your bottom with your upper body. Tall frame ladies can go for a longer coat while shorter women can go for a short coat, for short coats will make a short woman look taller and more leggy. Women with wider lower body and smaller upper body may like to go for an elegant patterned business woman’s coat to balance out the body shape.

Weather Emergencies:

Make sure that you have a pair of good raincoat, galoshes or an umbrella if you are are living in a snowy or rainy area, in order to protect your fashionable winter wardrobes from weather damage. Today, you can find a variety of fashionable raincoats.

How to Keep Warm and Look Hot in Winter:

Vamp up your make-up and learn some layered winter fashion tips to keep yourself warm while making you look super hot, sexy and stylish, despite of the cold temperature. Looking sexy and keeping warm is something every woman want to learn, no matter where they live, whether they live in California’s chilly nights or Chicago’s windy city.

Layer Clothing:

Here’s a good news for ladies who love layer clothing, because the best way to keep you look super stylish and warm during winter is to follow the layer clothing. But, if you are little bulky and stout, be very careful while choosing your outfits to create a layer style. Start off with thinner long clothes and your final layer cloth should be your trendy coat. If you are looking for a more simple style, then you can add on a faux fur collar on top of your black coat for a more interesting look.

Touchable Fabrics:

This winter, go for that touch-me type of fabric, which is the simplest rule of keeping warm and looking hot. Any fabric that feels nice to touch like velvet or cashmere, should fill in your wardrobe closet during these winter months. These kind of materials will make you look amazing and feel warm.

Just Add Color:

Who says colors are only for summer season??? Make your winter fashion stands out from others by adding colors to your outfits. Well, black remains the hottest color for winter season, but you can add other daring colors to personalize your style. Wearing head to toe in purple or red would even look stunning during winter. Think of a little red dress instead of little black dress even in winter, just ensure that you wear a nice coat and keep yourself warm all night long. Purple is another great color for this winter, so think of purple coat or boots.Complete your look by adding some stunning accessories such as “look-at-me” handbag, colorful yet warm scarves or pashminas, earrings, hats and boots or shoes. Remember, no fashion is complete without adding the right accessories, whether it is summer or winter.

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