Fashion Trends for Winter 2011

With the summer coming to end and winter is stepping in, perhaps it’s the time we need to update our wardrobes with some warm winter pieces. And if you are very fashion conscious, you may be looking or wondering what are the hottest fashion trends for winter before you go for shopping. Well, designers have done their duties and now it is our job to find the best one that works best for our body. So, let’s make sure that we choose the best styles and rock this winter with fabulous fashion. Here, I’ve listed some of the hottest fashion trends for winter, check it out!!!



Make sure that you invest in a fabulous coat this winter, which will keep you warm as well as stylish. If you can afford a designer piece, don’t hesitate; just go ahead, because it will be a great investment for years. A good French or Italian wool coat will certainly last you more than two years, so even if your coat will cost you a lot, it’s worth investing it. When it comes to color, gray, brown and black are all-the-time favorite shades for winter coats. But, if you are looking for something different to pop out from the crowd, it’s perfectly fine to go for something more daring and bold. Venture in animal prints, bright plaids, reds, pinks, beige or all white for a stunning winter look that will stand out. Well, if you are going for white, the dry cleaning bill may come a little higher, but I am sure it will be worth spending every single penny when it comes to fashion!!!


Winter Boots and Shoes:

A pair of good ankle-high booties is a must-have winter wardrobe for this winter. They are super-hot, glamorous and fabulous, no matter what and how you pair them up. The most popular winter footwears seen in fashion magazines and runway are cut-out shoes, laced-up boots, bootie shoes and knee-high boots. Walk the walk this winter in Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin’s gorgeous shoes with tassels and fringes. What better way to attract public eyes other than wearing the hottest pair of shoes or boots this winter!!!


Fur Coats:

No matter what PETA does and says, seems like fur will never go out of fashion as long as women exist. Fur is the archetype of rich, sophisticated and queen like. And, the good thing is that, you can easily find faux-fur that looks even more dazzling than the real fur. So, whether you opt for faux or real thing, fur coats will look gorgeous, just make sure that you choose the best style that suits you and makes you feel good. If you opt for faux-fur, go for something that goes on the top rather than something that is distinctly a fashion statement and something outrageous. If you are not sure, go for Fendi, and trust me you’ll never go wrong.


Cashmere Winter Pieces:

Whether it’s jacket, coats, pashminas, scarves, pants and even pajamas, cashmere is just perfect for winter and cold seasons. It is light, soft, strong and warm, what else we need for winter. Cashmere is a fashionable way to stay stylish while keeping yourself warm, during this winter season. Wondering where you can find the best cashmere clothes in the cheapest rate??? Check out in,,, and, they have excellent selections of cashmere pieces that will make you look fab and keep you warm all winter long.



Bags are always a best friend of women, whether it is summer or winter. So, don’t forget to invest in a fabulous “look-at-me” bag this winter. If you are not sure what to look for, you may like to check out fabulous stuffs from 34 Winter Bags and 47 Hottest Purple Bags to die for!!!


Skinny Jeans:

Skinny jeans, jeggings or leggings have been around in women’s fashion for quite some time and they are still very much in trend. Thank God, skinny jeans remain a fashion staple for fashionable ladies this winter also. So, ensure that you have at least 2-3 pairs of perfect fitting skinny jeans these winter months.


Fashion Accessories:

No fashion is complete without adding the right accessories. So, if you are looking for a complete, fabulous winter fashion, check out Purple Glove, Purple Belts and 18 Purple Wallets to spice up your winter outfits. Keep yourself accessorized with fabulous accessories if you want to stand out from the crowd. Or, you may also like to go for that gorgeous purple jewelry to make yourself pop from others. This winter fashion is more about showing off, so from jewelry to gloves to scarves, the flashier the better and more gorgeous. However, don’t go overboard. Avoid wearing all your accessories at once; wear an accessory at a time, or not more than two at one go.


Fashionable Color:

Ladies, as mentioned above, PURPLE is your new BLACK this winter! So, go for a vivid purple and you are there to hit the latest runway shade trend. Yes, purple was once the hottest color in 60s and today it’s back with a big bang! Remember, today’s fashion is all about remaking the old styles or vintage inspire styles???

This Winter’s Runway Trends:

Classy and sexy are the two words that can describe this winter’s runway or fashion trends for winter. This year’s winter fashion is more of edgy and sexy look. Also remember that, accentuating the waist style is back in today’s fashion. So, a belted swing coat and a curvy dress are other great options for you fashionista ladies this winter.

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