Simple Style Tips to Follow

rachel-bilson You can always change your entire perspective on how you feel and how you look by following certain rules, no matter what body shape you have or how old you are!!! But, before you start your step towards enhancing your style, you may like to ask yourself some questions. The initial question you would like to ask is “ Are you getting stuck in a fashion rut?” and here follows the other questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Do you think fashion and style is only associated with fame and money?
  • Do you go for the same colors and styles always when you look for new clothes to purchase?
  • Do you neglect the latest fashion trends?
  • Do you often turn down party invitations just because you don’t have anything to wear?
  • You feel that you wear the same dress to every social event or party?

miley-cyrus_style Your wardrobe is filled with clothes and yet you find nothing suitable to wear whenever you are going out? Or, choosing the right outfits to go to your workplace becomes an agony for you every morning, then yes you are definitely stuck in style rut, and it’s high time you need to change your wardrobe and go for a makeover. Fashion or style is all about the right attitude, so you need to feel confident about your look and style. There should be no excuse that you are too poor or old to dress up nicely and being stylish. Today, you can find various ideas or tips in the internet or in magazines, on what colors and cuts suit your body type. And, there is no limit when it comes to women’s fashion clothing, as Coco Chanel, a fashion icon once said “Fashion is architecture, it is a matter of proportions.”

Two Golden Rules to Consider:

If you want to stay stylish, you need to follow these two golden rules.

  • Don’t think that being stylish or fashionable doesn’t always mean breaking your bank account.
  • Fashion and styling Dos and Don’ts have nothing to do with the size of your body, it’s all about how smartly you can make the most of your body.


Simple Style Tips to Follow:

Here are a few style tips to start with to improve your style. These fashion tips have been picked up from ‘The Makeover Book” by Jacqui Ripley, the ultimate book that mentions realistic and practical information for the women who want to change their wardrobes. Check it out!!!

    • Always keep in mind to dress up well no matter where you are heading to, even at home. Even if you are at home, stay well dressed always as if you going somewhere, instead of sticking with your normal casual outfits such as baggy t-shirt and sweat pants. This will give you a positive feeling, make your feel good and will definitely change your entire approach, even to your household chores and day-to-day regular routine.
    • Clear your closet. Try to get rid of the clothes that don’t suit you, your outdated outfits or those clothes that you don’t like. The idea is to keep some space in your closet to fill in new outfits that you need to purchase one after the other slowly.
    • Make a note of what kind of outfits you need to fill in into your wardrobe and how many classic pieces you have in your closet presently. Then, start collecting some more dresses and items that will prove timeless and versatile. Your closet need to have a few classic, well cut pieces and a few inexpensive fun, fashionable outfits, which are trendy and can be changed with the change of trends and season.


  • Your change of your wardrobe needs to be considered as a great investment for years. Create a wardrobe, which is filled with must-have outfits or fashion pieces instead of make-do ones that cannot be used more than one event or season.
  • Whatever you create, ensure that your wardrobe has a few style staples that can be used for years or that will never go out of fashion. For instance, a good coat, denims, a little black dress, a wrap dress, a classic pair of white or black pants, a classic formal white shirt and a cashmere cardigan are pieces that will remain in fashion. Update these styles every season with a few fabulous fashion accessories.
  • Know your body shape in order to choose the right kind of style that suits your figure. Are you a pear, hour glass, straight, inverted triangle or an apple shape??? Do a little research in the internet or magazines and find out which style works best for your body shape.
  • Get yourself a good pair of footwear and “look-at-me” bag, which can transform your whole physical appearance and whatever outfits you wear.
  • Learn how to camouflage your flaws and enhance your assets. Focus on your good points and try to highlight them instead of worrying over your imperfections. No one is perfect in this world, it’s all about how you can disguise your flaws and making the most of your good points.
  • Shop or choose clothes very smartly. Before you go for shopping, you should know what style suits you and what you want. It’s always good to plan in advance, so that you don’t end up buying the wrong kind of clothes.

Conclusion About Simple Style:

If you feel that you need a change in your style and wardrobes, this is the right time you should start. As mentioned above, fashion is all about your attitude, so make sure that you choose the style that is comfortable for you and suits your personality. Until and unless you are comfortable with your style or outfits, you can never be confident and will kill your overall appearance, no matter how trendy and expensive your clothes may be.

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