Office fashion Tips for Men

No matter how good you are at your work, personal appearance is always considered to be a main factor in determining which candidate or employee is great. So, ensure that you look stylish yet smart with a classic single-breasted suit in blue, grey or black. This timeless, tailored suit is flattering and fabulous on every man. It will always make you look great and smart, no matter what tie or shirt you pair with it. Moreover, it will be definitely a great investment, which will last you years.

It is said, the first impression is the last impression. Our boss, others employees, customers watch us and their first opinion about us is premised on the first glance. And the best way to create a first good impression is to take care of your physical appearance that includes your clothing. So, if you are wondering how to should dress in the office or the workplace, here are a few basic fashion tips for you, that will make you look stylish, smart and feel comfortable.

Match your Clothes to your Personality:

Being stylish or fashionable doesn’t always meant following the latest fashion trends and wearing only those designer wears, but it also means wearing the right kind of clothes at the right time and following the style the suits one’s own personality. Your style should always go along with your age, situation and your personality.


Style a Classic Dress Suit:

You need to have at least one classic dress suit. Tailored dress suits are just perfect for formal wear, that will make you look smart and comfortable. Again, neutral dark colors are a great choice to make sure that your suits never go out of fashion, and they will look great no matter what body shape and skin tone you have. You just need to pull off this suit with the right attitude and with confidence.

Good Leather Shoes:

To pair up your fabulous suit, it is important for you to owe a pair of shoes in a good quality, for they can break or make an outfit. If you cannot afford to have two or three pairs of shoes, you can go for a good leather shoes, preferably in black color, for it will go with almost everything, making a good investment for years. If you are looking for a more stylish look, you may like to add your own style staple by choosing between brushed and polished leather, slip on or lace-up. Opt for something interchangeable, which you can pair up with anything practically and for maximum style.

Ties and Belts:

Don’t forget that, those little details are also very important, when it comes to fashion, whether it’s office style or street style. Your tie, belt or your bag can either break or make your style complete. When it comes to choosing some good ties, you may like to look for silk in simple patterns or in muted block color, which means people cannot notice whether you are wearing the same thing daily or not. Wearing a good belt can also work wonders. I am sure you don’t want to draw others’ attention with a cracked or torn leather belt.

Personal Grooming:

Finish off the look with a little personal grooming to make sure that you look perfectly fine from head to toe. Every office want their employers to look smart, neat and tidy. Full beards are definitely not for everyone and not a great idea for office look, so consider a neat stubble or a clean shave. A clean shave look will top off your style, making the right impression for all the good reasons.


Modern Office Fashion Tips:

Not just any tie or suit will work in today’s office environment. So, here are a few style tips to help you understand things one should avoid when it comes to modern style in the work place. Check it out!!!

Busy Palettes:

Wearing a printed polo shirt and a printed tie can be very overwhelming and distressing in a workplace. Similarly, avoid wearing very clashing shades you might think as fun and trendy. Always, opt for a light-colored shoes and pair them up with pale tops and pants, and dark shoes for darker clothes. Know that it’s time for you to rethink of your clothes’ patterns and colors, when people start putting on sunglasses while you are giving a presentation.

Ill-Fitting Clothes

: Avoid wearing a shirt or pants that are too tight for you. Wearing a very tight shirt will highlight every line of your body and your bulges even more. Although, you are working out and are more muscular than others, wearing ill-fitted shirts or tight shirts is not considered sexy in the office. Instead, they are considered “tacky” and lack of office etiquette. Moreover, clothes that are too baggy or loose won’t camouflage your physical flaws either. Wearing loose clothes will simply make you appear shoddy. Socks should not be seen beneath your dress pants while you are walking.

Loud and Wrong-sized Ties:

Keep away those beer mug graphics or cartoon character prints from your neck-ties, if you want to look professional and want others to take you seriously in the workplace. When it comes to the length of the tie, the triangular point of your tie should hit or slightly hit your belt buckle, when tied with a St.Andrew, a Pratt, a Windsor, or any other knot. If you are heavy set, you can go for wider ties. And, slim or thin guys can opt for slim ties, they are back in trend.

Comb-Overs Hairstyle???

Well, this hair style may be a better option than wearing a toupee in the workplace. However, even Donald Trump’s millions can’t even excuse himself for his comb-over hair style. So, just embrace the real of you and keep your hair short as much as possible. A short, clean cut is always the safest and best option for a professional look.

Strange Facial Hair:

Yes today, ladies may consider unshaven or subtle beard or moustache as sexy, attractive, or whatever they may called, but if you want to get that professional and smart look, it may not be a great idea. If you have to or you really want to keep your beard or moustache, make sure you keep them trimmed short. Don’t forget to do away with your soul patches.


Okay, ponytail looks good on Brad Pitt or Antonio Bandera, but not all guys can pull off this style, especially when it comes to professional look. If you have to keep your hair long, you may like to keep in Ashton-Kutcher hair length. If not, maintain a classic short cut.

Too much Bling-Bling:

Guys, always keep in mind that bling-bling or glittery stuffs are not meant for office look. Too much of jewelry such as bracelets, earrings, neck-chains, can make you appear like a time-warp, punk rocker or a drug kingpin. Reserve those chunky gold chains, earrings and bracelets or other body piercing accessories for friends out or night outs. A good finger ring and a watch will do for an office.

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