Vintage-Inspired Outfits: Four Fabulous Mod Dresses

Today, vintage-inspired clothing is certainly on the upswing. You may be thinking that skinny jeans, leggings or fringe are all “new trends”, they are actually reincarnations from the past. So, if you are a big fan of vintage looks or styles, this article is just for you. Read through the article to know more about vintage-inspired clothing.

What is Vintage-Inspired Fashion?

Wondering what exactly are vintage inspired outfits??? There can be two ways of vintage-inspired fashion. It can be either a literal remake of the olden style, or an interpretation, or remake of vintage styles with a little here and there additions. It may be not exactly the same as the classic styles, it can be a modern version of that classic shape. Fashion today has always an eye on the yester times for inspiration and latest fashion. So, the vintage-inspired clothes will help you stand apart from others, while you give a nod to the classic or past and still remain true to your personal sense of style and fashion. Although, the shape and pattern of these dresses are quite simple, they certainly look very contemporary and up-to-date, while still being fun and colorful.

Tips to Find Such Dresses in Thrift and Vintage Stores:

  • Check out for simple color schemes and shapes. Floral patterns could also be pretty on these vintage-inspired dresses, however it may look aging sometimes depending on the length and shape of the dress, so be very careful if you consider floral printed dresses. But, don’t hesitate to try out everything, for you never know what works best on you until you try it.
  • Figure out what exactly you want or looking for, because thrift and vintage stores usually have lots of merchandise and you may end up purchasing the wrong dresses.
  • Don’t simply pick up the dress by just seeing the dress, make sure that you try it out and see whether it suits you or not. Go for a perfect fit in the shoulders and a little loose fit in the hips and waist, in a mid-thigh or a knee length.
  • Don’t forget to check for any tear or stain on the dress before purchasing it. If you are not sure where you can find vintage-inspired outfits in your local place, you can always do a little research over the internet and read the stores’ reviews.

Four Fabulous Vintage-Inspired Mod Dresses:

ModCloth, Gettin’ Twiggy With It Dress:

The vibrant block shades of this dress can be a little tricky to pull off, but it’s definitely worth the challenge if you dress up in a proper way. This dress works well with white tights, a large white bag and a pair of simple shoes like very low heels or red flats, to keep things chic and sophisticated. This vibrant dress may be just perfect for a low-key party or casual dance party.

Polamaloop Dress, Mod Retro Vintage Dress:

This adorable, cute dress definitely reminds of something that go-go dancers should wear. Although the colors are classic and the shape is simple, the effect is certainly a kind of dress that makes you stand apart from the crowd. The back of the dress is even more interesting with its beautiful graphic details. You can just pair it up with a black leather bag and pair of classic MaryJane flats. This style is just perfect for a simple day-time look.

Forever 21’s Tuxedo Belted Sleeveless Coatdress:

This dress is a new version of typical mod style and this chic dress recalls the delicate femininity and simple lines of the previous dresses, but with additional modern elements like the belt and the collar. The color palate is more subdued than the other dresses; however it is just as simple and chic as others, or even more. You can pair up this dress with a pair of very high heels, black tights and brightly colored cardigan for a date.

Forever 21’s Native Silk Dress

: This simple shape and short dress may appear far from mod style, but it simply looks fabulous when worn in a proper way. Although, it is quite simple in style and shape, it makes you look very trendy and chic. For casual day-chic look, you can easily pair it up with a nice pair of gladiator sandals and a great bag in red or black color.

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