Style Tips for Thin Men

Today, women or girls in the fashion industry do their best to remain slim and keep their body in shape. Similarly, guys do need to keep their body in shape. Although, society thinks that skinny and lean is attractive in today’s world, being too skinny can be quite difficult and tricky to dress, be it a woman or a man. However, the attraction can be heightened easily if you know how to choose the right kind of clothes and how to wear them in the right way. So, here are some useful style tips for thin men.

  • Light Shoulder Padding:

    Thin men usually don’t like their lean physiques, so they may like to go for blazers or jackets with light shoulder padding in order to get that V-shape look rather than creating a pencil thin look. However, make sure that you don’t choose those blazers that have thick shoulder padding.

  • Avoid Fitted Shirts:

    If you have a skinny thin body structure, avoid wearing those fitted shirts, they will simply make you appear thinner than your actual physique, and it will make you look like a stick. So, skinny thin guys should refrain from wearing tight fitted shirts as much as possible, no matter how trendy those shirts are. Instead, go for those shirts that draw eyes while taking attention away from your thin torso.

  • Go for Heavier Fabrics:

    Skinny thin guys may also like to go for bulkier and heavier fabrics in order to add some volume to your thin body frame. Experiment with different kinds of fabrics and clothes and choose the one that enhances your skinny body. You never know how well built and perfect you may look in a heavy material three-piece suit or a wool knitted sweater.

  • Take Tailor’s Help:

    You don’t find your right size??? Don’t worry, you can always take help from a tailor. You can purchase a slightly bigger size and give for an alteration to a tailor to get the perfect size of your body. Or, if you are looking for formal clothes, buy a good quality material and give for a stitching by giving the right measurement of your body.

  • Avoid Pinstripes:

    Stay away from pinstripes shirts and pants as much as possible, if you are a skinny tall man. These striped clothes usually make the wearer look even taller and thinner. Instead, you can go for different and trendy patterns such as windowpane or checked patterns, these kinds of patterns will help you add some volume to your thin body frame.

Fashion Tips for Skinny as well as Tall Men:


  • Choose Proper Fitted Shirts:

    Un-tucked, loose fitting shirts will bulge around your body and make you appear even thinner than the actual body. So, make sure that you choose something perfectly fitted, and avoid wearing extremely tight shirts for they will highlight your thin bony upper body.

  • Select Lighter Color:

    Light shades will make you look slightly larger, so you may like to look for creams, white, light blue or light gray to visually build up your thin body frame.

  • Avoid Monochromatic Looks:

    Oversize people or fat ladies usually wear monochromatic clothing, because it makes them look slimmer and thinner. So instead, opt for a few different shades in your outfit.

  • Avoid Vertical Stripes:

    Vertical stripes are just perfect for bulky or fat people, but they are not the right option for thin, tall men.

  • No Round-Toed Shoes:

    When it comes to footwear, round-toed shoes may not be the best choice for skinny tall men. If you are very tall and skinny, wearing round-toe shoes will make you appear disproportionate. You can look for pointy shoes or square-toed shoes.

  • Short Jackets:

    Always choose the jacket that hit under your butt. A short jacket will highlight your height and your skinny legs, arms or jacket, making you look even thinner.

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