Rihanna Inspired Fashion

Rihanna has rose to stardom and become too glamorous too fast that sometimes it’s unbelievable that she is just 21 years old! This young, sensational pop singer is known for her unique sense of style, and that makes her count as the fashion icon and fashion inspiration for many young girls. Rihanna often mixes colors, textures and prints and making us to keep wondering what she is going to sport next.

The best part is that, to dress like Rihanna you don’t have to wear expensive clothes all the time. The main aspect about her style is that she combines high fashion items with everyday pieces, and therefore her styles can be easily followed by common college girls to sophisticated girls. So, you want to take some fashion tips from this fashion icon??? Read on…


Casual Day Style:

Rihanna knows how to show off her well toned, sexy silhouettes. For instance, the sweater dress she is sporting above looks like a normal cotton sweater, but it’s because of her accessories like her hat and that killer shoes makes her entire outfit more interesting, making her stand out from the crowd. Moreover, she certainly pays a lot of attention to shape and details when it comes to choosing her outfits. She usually incorporates a touch of 70’s -80’s hip-hop grunge to her casual outfits, like mixing denim separates as shown above.


Rihanna’s Evening Style:

This pop star’s evening styles are all about uniqueness and structure. Rihanna usually sports boyfriends blazers or tuxedos with her dresses and often architecturally-inspired evening gowns. Lately, she has been rocking with a lot of menswear-inspired outfits in many occasions as well. She often stands out from the crowd because of her personalized fashion and style statement.

Apart from outfits or clothing, you also need to experiment with your make up and hair if you want to dress like Rihanna. Besides, she is also into trendy and beautiful nail fashion. And of course, we cannot forget her confidence and her attitude!!!

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