Fashion Inspiration from Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars” is an American drama television series, which is based on the popular novel Pretty Little Liars series by Sara Shepherd. In case, if you have not seen it, the show is all about four teen girls- Aria, Emily, Spencer and Hanna, who are being harassed with email, text message and occasional lipsticked message by an unknown foe who knows their dark secrets. The show has suspense, scandal, mystery and style. Pretty little liars stole the attention of many fashion lovers apart from their story. And the best part is that, the four main characters of the show embody own distinctive style, which allows many people to relate to. So, let’s take a look at how we can take some fashion inspirations from Pretty Little Liars.

Emily Fields:

Emily Fields is a girl-next-door type, but who is a bit confused about love. She is a girl who usually hides her feelings for her friend and she is crushing on a brooding guy. Emily, being a quite nature girl and her interest in athletic extracurricular activities, her style is more of a sporty and laid back type. She is usually seen wearing classic yet bright colored separates with sneakers and a cargo messenger bag.

 Aria Montgomery:

Aria is no longer that naive girl who she was once, after returning from abroad, but she still had to struggle hiding her father’s dark secret, while hiding her own indiscreet romance with her English teacher. Unlike her estranged friends, Aria is quite matured and her style indicates her cultured sophistication. Her style is bohemian and feminine with an edge. She mixes patterns and rich materials, loves to layer and she is often seen with darker hues.

 Spencer Hastings:

She is the smart and brainy girl who strives for perfection all round. Her east coast preppy look reflects her Ivy League dreams and her family’s country club lifestyle. You will find Spencer in menswear-inspired, tailored look with a feminine touch most of the time, if she is not on the court wearing tennis whites. She always looks elegant and polished, reflecting of her A-type personality. However, she does spice up her classic outfits with some trendy accessories such as boyfriend jeans and oxford flats.

 Hanna Marin:

When it comes to Hanna Marin, think of Regina George, but little better, Hanna rules the school. Her trendy and girly style reflects her Queen Bee Status. Hanna was once Alison’s frumpy sidekick, but now that Alison has disappeared all of a sudden, she confidently rocks in feminine and glamorous ensembles. Hanna loves to set herself apart from the crowd, and of course her accessories and clothes reflect that.

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