Girls’ Back to School Trends

Who said fashion is only for adults??? Fashion is like a cycle that keeps going and coming back, and it’s the same whether it’s for adults, teenagers or kids. However, certain kinds of outfits’ may suit better to a certain age group and therefore the kind of dress you love to wear may not go down well with your daughter who is below 16 yrs old. So, if you are wondering what kinds of outfits girls prefer, here I have listed some of the best “back to school trends for girls”.

 Maxi Dress:

Create that cute “back to school” look with a cool maxi dress. Girls just love flowing, maxi dresses in floral print as much adult women do.

 Graphic Tee:

Graphic tee can never go wrong with kids, they simply adore graphics. So, check out those famous literature works that look fabulous on kids’ tees, they look super-smart, super-cool with pants or skirts.

 Equestrian Boots:

Equestrian boots are a must-have wardrobe item for girls, whether you are living in a cold or warmer place. They just look fabulous with shorts, jeans, skirts, leggings and this season’s latest pants, i.e. skinny cargos.

 Skinny Cargos:

This year, nothing makes better and fab than a pair of fitting skinny cargoes in back to school trend. And, they are quite versatile to pair up with various tops and they can be worn almost all seasons.

 Girls’ Poncho:

Ponchos are back with a bang this year for both adults and kids. Go for traditional, knit ponchos to spice up your favorite, classic outfit. Or, you can look out for inspired-sweater-like ponchos like those from Roxy Girls.

Colored Jeans:

This season, colored jeans are also one of the basics wardrobe items for fashionable girls. From neutrals to patterns to bright red, colored jeans are gorgeous for girls.

 Ballet Flats:

Flats continued to be one of the hottest trends in girls’ fashion world and ballet flats are a great choice this season. However, ballet flats fashion has been on for years, so don’t go for the same old model, look for a pair of cute ballet flats in a bit more unique design or pizzazz.

 Ethnic Floral Prints:

Floral prints are gorgeous and perfect for back to school trend for girls. Go for ethnic florals this season and skip the feminine pastel florals that make you feel or think of tropical, south or eastern American destinations.

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