What to Wear to a Holiday Party

So, you have planned for a fun holiday party but you are not sure what to wear?? Or, you can’t afford to purchase those expensive party dresses or outfits??? Don’t worry any more, this article will guide you a few party outfit ideas specially designed for the holiday that wouldn’t cost you a fortune. Check it out and rock your party!!!


A Dressed-up Little Black Dress:

This classic LBD can be dressed up by adding a pair of patterned tights, a bow-shaped waist belt, splattering of sparkles and bright high heels. So, if you have already a LBD, you don’t really need to buy a new dress for a party, unless you have enough money to purchase new dresses. This style is just perfect for a formal party and you want to add a little more fun to your look. Complete the style with a trendy clutch in silver color.


Girly and Fun:

If you are looking for a fun and sophisticated girly look at the same time, this style is just perfect for you. It is not always necessary that your holiday party outfits to be in green and red color- that is so clich├ęd! So, you may like to go for a stylish and sweet approach with a shiny cream-colored top, a pair of dark colored skinny jeans, and some statement accessories that compliment your outfits. Finish off your look with a satin jacket, probably in black color and roll up the sleeves to get that chic funky look.


Retro Chic:

If you love retro style, go for a retro chic look and style with a vintage twist. The look starts with a ruffled top and a classic pencil skirt. Then, spice up the look with a ruffled clutch and blingy cocktail ring, and complete the look with a nice pink suede heels. Or, you can go for a single piece colorblock ruffle Dress with pumps.You can also throw in a pair of patterned tights or opaque black tights if the weather is cold outside. Who says classic or retro look is boring???


Winter Wonderland:

Falling in love with winter??? Get the winter feeling with this style in summer. Wear your favorite classic blue dress and spruce up with sparkling accessories in wintery blues and silvers, a clutch in beige or grey color and a nice pair of silver heels. The look is simple yet sophisticated.

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