Three Cool Ways to Wear Winter Wardrobes into Your Summer Wardrobe

Most of the fashionistas fall in love in winter or cold weather when it comes to fashion. Yes, we love summer to flaunt our cute summer dresses and toned-sexy legs and arms. But, we definitely miss the excessive layering style, the hat that we put on to hide our bad hair and to give warmth at the same time and many other winter accessories. Summer has come but if you are still not over to your winter outfits, this article will give a few useful tips on how you can incorporate certain winter wardrobe basics into summer outfits. Wondering how??? Read on the article…

1.Scarves as Head Wraps:


  • Scarves can also be your best friend in summer contrary to popular belief that scarves are for only winter or cold weather. Scarves come in a handy way to spice up your simple outfit and to add colors to your classic outfits, so they should not be limited in winter season alone.
  • Scarves can go well with almost any outfit. A colored scarf can be paired with a dress, jeans and shirt or tee, in shorts with your tank top and in your formal dressy pants and shirt. Now the choice is yours, choose the style that works best on you.
  • Go for fun colored scarves in lighter fabric to wrap around your neck, this will add style to your look. Another great way to use your scarves during summer is to use them as turban-esque headbands. The style is edgy as well as unique, and it can definitely sex up any outfit.
  • Choose a floral cool scarf and pair it up with a cute skirt and tank top combo. Then, complete the look with a pair of trendy ballet flats, if possible green colored flats and some fashion accessories. The style is simply fabulous and it will make you look edgy and classy at the same time.

2.Boots for Summer:


  • If you are a big fan of countryside fashion, I am sure you may never want to stop wearing your favourite boots. So, you might be asking yourself and wondering how to wear your knee-high boots during summer, or how to pair up your shorts with your boots in summer.
  • Many people usually believe that boots can be worn only in winter, but they are absolutely wrong. If you know how to style and wear your outfit in the right way, boots can look pretty smart and fab in summer as well.
  • For instance, you may like to pair up your knee-high boots with your stripped tank top and cutoffs in warmer days.
  • And to protect yourself from the heated sun and keep your head cool, put on an army green fedora and one funky finger ring to bring out more style in you. Wear this outfit and trust me you’ll get all the attention you need once you step out from the door!!!

3.High Socks in Warm Weather:


  • Well, you might be thinking how the hell you’ll wear your knee-high socks in summer or in warm weather. But what is more stylish and chic than these high socks???
  • Whether you want to rock basic black knee-high socks or oxford print socks, you need to think about the style that should work in your summer outfit.
  • The best thing about high socks is that, knee-high socks are neither too cold nor too hot, but they can instantly spruce up any kind of outfit.
  • For instance, you can pair up your knee-high socks with your cute floral, summer dress and finish off the style with a pair of chic oxford shoes, head band and a bow ring. Now, you are ready to beat the summer heat with the cutest chic fashion.
  • You can also pair them up with your summer shorts and cute t-shirt, and complete the look with a pair of cute ballet flats, canvass or oxford shoes.

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