Wardrobe Essentials for College Girls

College is the time when we are most conscious about our physical appearances; want to build –up our wardrobes, a closet filled with different outfits that can be worn both in college and outside the college. Yes, fashion keeps changing every season and if you are fashion conscious, you may like to update your wardrobes every season according to the latest fashion trends. However, you need to have some basic wardrobe items that can be combined with your other wardrobes. Building your wardrobes starts with investing in some wardrobe essentials. So, if you are wondering what are the basic wardrobe-pieces for students, here I have listed some of the wardrobe essentials, which every college girl or student should have in her closet. Check it out…

Must-Have Wardrobe Items:

  • Should Own At least Four Different Pair of Denims that Fit Well:

    Today, you can find many different styles and cuts of jeans that are available in various colors. So, you can choose the style that works best on your body type, but make sure that you choose the one that fits you properly. Good to invest in different styles and shades instead of buying jeans with the same styles and colors. Skinny tight jeans are definitely the hottest wardrobe property for all fashionista girls today. American Eagle, Fitch, Gap, Levis and Abercrombie are some of the best brands you may like to check out if you want to buy jeans.

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  • A Classic Dress:

    A classic dress is definitely a must-have wardrobe item for college girls; it’s pretty much the whole outfit in just a single piece. Well, you might have heard many times from many fashionista ladies and stylists that every woman should have a little black dress. But, I should say it’s not necessary to limit yourself in black color, if you find any other color that compliments your skin tone, go ahead. If you are not sure what shade looks best on you, go for a little black dress. Black dresses are classic and chic, and black color goes well with any one no matter what skin tone you have. All you need to look is to find the one that fits you well, a good quality and the style that suits your body shape.

  • hillary-duff_tank-topmegan-fox_tank-top

  • Four or Five Basic Tank Tops:

    Try to have some tank tops of different lengths in varying basic colors such as white, black, blue or navy. They can be worn under cardigans, long sleeved tops and jackets in cold days, or alone in summer. When it comes to material, it’s always better to opt for 100% cotton and avoid those blend fabrics, which can cause weird clinging to the body. I am sure you don’t want the outline of your bra to be seen clearly under your cute tank top.

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  • One to Three Chic Cardigans

    : It’s good if you can afford those 100% cashmere cardigans, but it is not always necessary to go for that cashmere. Pick up a few chic cotton cardigans at GAP , H&M or J Crew, and pair them up with your tank tops to create that trendy and chic look. Try to have one basic black and others in chic colors like hot pink, chocolate brown or purple.

  • beyonce_bag<celebrities_bag

  • A Good Quality Bag:

    Invest in at least one nice handbag with a good quality that is big enough to carry all your necessities when you go out. If you cannot afford to have different bags to match each of your wardrobes, choose the one that goes well with almost any outfit and still looks trendy. You may also need to choose the one that can be used for both day and night. Another plus point, if you can pick up a bag with a lot of zippered compartments and pockets to keep your things organized. Some of the best brands include Marc by Marc Jacobs, Coach and Nine West.

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  • One Well-Cut Spring or Fall Jacket:

    It can be either formal or casual jacket depending on your needs. Just ensure that it fits you well and goes along with most of your wardrobes. Don’t settle for the one that doesn’t fit you properly. There are many different designs available today, so try out all styles and choose the one that looks best on you and which is most versatile.

  • celebreties-in-flats1casual-flats1

  • Two or Three Pairs of Casual Flats:

    You should own at least 2 or 3 casual flats that can be worn in both spring and fall. Try to have a pair of flats in a bright shade such as yellow, red and Kelly green, and one basic color like brown or black. Ballet flats are fairly inexpensive and can add chicness to any outfit. Other chic styles you may like to try out with your casual flats include patterns, patent leather and think Tory Burch if you are looking for metal embellishment. But, the choice is all yours!!!

  • victoria-beckham_pumpsstylish-pumps

  • One Pair of Black Pumps:

    You may need at least a pair of classic black pumps, when you wear a formal shirt and dress pants for professional occasions or a job interview. Make sure that you pick up a good quality one, for it will last forever if you use it with proper care.

  • taylor-swift-winter-coat

  • One or Two Winter Coats:

    If you are staying in a cold place, you definitely need to own at least two warm winter coats. You may like to go for good faux-fur trimmed parkas and classic wool-pea coats from good brands like Juicy Couture and J Crew.

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