Thigh High Socks: How to Wear Thigh High Socks

sarah-jessica-parker Wondering how to dress up in chilly weather??? It’s too cold to go out bare legged and too warm to put on your winter jacket, then what you need to do??? Lets’ see how a stylish girl can dress up on chilly days. Well, your fashion challenge in chilly breeze is to rock the weather with thigh-high socks, which are more practical than fashionable than your ankle socks and leggings. They provide more warmth and extra coverage when combined with a skirt or dress in fall or windy days. These stylish socks are great to bring out a bit edgy and punk look to your simple outfit. If you are not sure how to wear them, don’t worry, here are some style tips and outfit ideas for you to start with. Take a look…


Fashion Tips to Wear Thigh-High Socks:

  • Wearing thigh-high socks in style is all about pairing them up with the right footwear. They look great when paired with oxford heels, mary-janes and most ballet flats or pumps. Choose the one that looks best on you.
  • You can also pair them up with a pair of boots. This style is probably the most-up-to-date as well as the easiest way to rock this thigh-high socks trend.
  • Wear them like you wear leggings. They are just fabulous when paired with a winter skirt or a sweater dress for a new take on leggings style.
  • Wear it as over-the-knee boots. You always want to wear over-the-knee boots but you don’t own even one pair??? Don’t worry, just pair up your long socks with a matching ankle boots underneath for a similar over-the-knee look.
  • These funky-high socks can be teamed with a decorative or fun pattern top and a pair of shorts or a mini-skirt. These socks are incredibly hot and sexy, but again it’s all about your attitude. If you are not comfortable and don’t have the right attitude, it can kill your overall look.
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  • One of the most fun and easiest alternatives is to wear shorts or short skirts, and pair it up with a contrasting color of tights and high socks over your tights. In this way, you can add a whole lot of style and warmth to your outfit. You can also combine your high socks with floaty skirts and looser dresses, which will create more peek-a-boo effect.

Outfit Ideas to Wear Thigh-High-Socks:

  • With a Dress and Boots:

    Your long socks are just perfect to change your pretty summer dress into winter or fall outfit. Wear your favourite dress and team it up with a military-inspired stylish jacket and long socks. Pull them up to make them peek out from your chic pair of boots. Complete your look with a few fashion accessories such as neck-chains, earrings and bangles.

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  • With a Sweater Dress and Heels or Oxford Shoes:

    Transform your simple-Jane sweater dress probably in black color, into a ferocious model-inspired outfit simply by adding a cute pair of thigh-high socks. These long socks work really well with a pair of peep-toe mary-janes. However, make sure that you tuck the seam of your socks under your toes properly. Finish off the look with a cute heart pendant necklace and a slouchy beanie.

  • With Shorts and Boots:

    Another great way to rock this high socks trend is to pair them up with trendy boots and with the right attitude. Wear your favourite cuffed denim shorts, a stylish shirt or jacket and a belt, and you are ready to rock!!!

Apart from these, there are so many other ways to style up your long socks. Thigh high socks will not only give warmth but also add sexiness and style to your simple outfits. Funky and comfortable, they have become a must-have fashion accessory for fashionable adult women and teen girls.

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