What to Wear on a Rainy Day

celebrities-rainy-fashion It is definitely not easy to dress up on rainy days because there are many things you need to consider, ranging from the kind of shoes to your clothes’ material. Here, your aim is to stay dry and fashionable without sacrificing your style. Dressing well and stylishly on a rainy day certainly needs a little planning before hand. If you are wondering how to remain fashionable during raining days, here are some fashion tips and a few outfits ideas for a rainy day. Check it out!!!

Rainy Day Fashion Tips:

  • Don’t hesitate to add colors during rainy days. You can always experiment and have fun with color on a rainy day as you do in summer. Bad weather can be boring and depressing, so add something bright in your outfit and brighten up your mood.
  • Use a cute umbrella as a fashion accessory and make yourself stand out from the crowd. Today, you can find umbrellas in various colors and designs, so there is no reason why you should stick to the classic black. Purchase a cute umbrella in your favorite bright color and let it add color and live to your look.
  • You can find plenty of cute kids’ umbrellas at a cheap rate, which are just perfect for one person. So, don’t hesitate to buy a kid’s umbrella this rainy season and beat the rainy day with style.
  • celebrities-rain-boots

  • Invest in a few trendy trench coats, they are just perfect during rainy days. The trench coat is an essential and such a classic piece that is ideal for many different occasions during rainy season. You can find them at a much cheaper rate during summer, so invest in a few good trench coats during this summer and preserve them for the rainy season.
  • Pay attention to the materials of the your clothes and shoes on rainy days. Know that leather and suede is not the right choice for a rainy day because water can easily ruin them. Go with protectant-treated leather, pleather or rubber shoes in rain, why to ruin simply??? Leave your favorite expensive suede handbags and shoes at home during rainy season.
  • rachel-belson_green-rain-boot

  • When it comes to footwear for rainy days or rain-boots, just go crazy with various kinds and designs. There are a variety of cute rain boots available in the market to fit any kind of style or outfit, they come in almost every shade under the sun. So, choose your favorite color and have fun. Like kids’ umbrella, you can just go crazy with rain boots, no one will mind, infact people will love you for your good sense of style.

Six Rainy Day Outfit Ideas:

  • Get away with your favorite shorts paired with a cute tee, cardigan and rain boots during rainy days in summer. Finish off your style with a bright scarf and umbrella.
  • If you are looking for a more girlie or feminine style, then just pair up your favorite plain black dress with a trendy mustard jacket and ultra chic green Doc Martens. And, yes don’t forget to carry your cute polka dotted umbrella.
  • This style can be a great idea if it’s really raining, because here you have a “Pac-a-Poncho” jacket from TopShop, which is a super waterproof one. However, this jacket actually has style unlike those typical boring yellow ponchos. It’s just fabulous when combined with black pants, rain boots in neutral grey color and a bubble umbrella having a hint of pink outline. The overall style is simply cute and functional at the same time.
  • If you are a big fan of classic trench coats, just pair up your favorite jeans with a trench coat and bright colored rain boots for a rainy day. Complete your style with a beautifully heart shaped umbrella to create that simple yet chic rainy style.
  • hillary-duff_rain-boots

  • You can always opt for your regular heeled boots, if you don’t like the idea of wearing those typical rain boots. Layering a summery pretty dress under a ¾ sleeve jacket and a long-sleeved cardigan will help you add dimension or volume to your outfit as well as keeping you warm and dry. You may also like to add black opaques and a pretty umbrella to rock the rain.
  • If you are looking for simple yet trendy rainy fashion, here’s a simple and cute outfit that you can throw on within five seconds on a rainy day. Just pair up your striped dress with a classic denim coat or jacket and a pair of pinky rain boots to create that simple chic girlie look. But, if that girlie pink color is not your thing, go for a classic black rain boots to get that simple elegant look. And of course, you need to carry a cloudy colored umbrella.

Well, these are some simple fashion tips and outfit ideas for rainy days. However, you don’t have to limit yourself with these ideas! Use your creativity and experiment with many different styles and outfits. Yes, you can always get a fashion cue from many fashionable celebrities, but instead of following them head to toe, try to personalize your style and make a fashion statement. Just because it’s raining outside, you don’t have to wear only dark colors or forget your fashion sense, in fact you should add bright colors to brighten up your look during dull rainy days. Fashion is not only meant for summer days. No matter what the weather is outside, you can always enjoy the ever growing fashion of today.

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