21 Reasons Why You Should Dress Up Daily

ashlee-simpsonHave you ever wondered why you have to dress up and look your best everyday??? Is it because your friends were dressing up nicely, or is it because it makes you feel good! But why “dressing up” or nice clothes should be reserved only for special occasions??? when we don’t have any idea when we’ll breathe our last. So, here I have listed 21 good reasons why you should dress up everyday and look your best always!

  • 1.Don’t settle for average, because life is too short to ignore even for one day.
  • 2.Because you will not be young forever! You have a wonderful body and far better and gorgeous than you think, and one day you’ll look back and wish you still have that body. So, take advantage today and show off how gorgeous and stunning you can be.
  • 3.Because you never know who you’ll meet or run into. Who knows your crush may be at the grocery stores or shopping mall!!! Strange things can happen in life at any time.
  • 4.Because fashion or your style can say many things about yourself, or fashion is a way of self expression. So, let your style speak what you want or trying to tell the world.
  • 5.Because, you feel good and more confident when you dress up nicely.
  • 6.Because you are beautiful and you deserve to look good every time.
  • 7.Because you may never improve your fashion sense if your default style is “ I give up”.
  • 8.Because your fashion can attract more attention from others and friends. The best way to create a first good impression is through your outfits and physical appearance.
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  • 9.Because trendy accessories and cute clothes are an amazing conversation starter. Wear something stylish and trendy and for sure many people will come to talk to you.
  • 10.Because parties and special events are not the only time we should celebrate and feel good.
  • 11.Even if you reside in a little more remote and unfashionable city, cities don’t become fashionable places unless someone starts dressing up. It may sound a bit cheesy, but as it is said “Be the change you want to see in the world by Mahatma Gandhi”, and people will automatically follow your great lead.
  • 12.Because dressing up nicely can boost your confidence levels.
  • 13.Because your style and fashion can make you stand out from the crowd and make you become more popular.
  • 14.Because fashion is like an art and brings art alive.
  • 15.Because if you have got the right style, amazing body and outfits and killer confidence, you just can’t resist not to flaunt them!!!
  • 16.If you are in college or still young, certain dresses or outfits and styles may not suit you any more when you become older. Time or situation may not allow you to wear certain clothes after a few years later. So, make the most use of your present time and enjoy today.
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  • 17.Because “being glamorous and stylish” is not reserved only for rich people and celebrities. Everyone deserves to look fabulous and gorgeous at all times no matter what.
  • 18.Because you never know what will happen tomorrow and when you’ll stop breathing, so you need to look your best every single day and feel good when you are alive today.
  • 19.Because human beings are very visual creatures and therefore we are attracted more to people who dress up nicely. Who doesn’t want to look attractive in this world??
  • 20.Because nothing makes you feel better than getting lots of attention from the opposite sex. The better you dress up, the more attention you get from others.
  • 21.Because it is fun!!!

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