Latest Jeans for Women 2011

celebrities-in-jeans Jeans or denims are never out of fashion, and definitely the most fashionable wardrobe items of all seasons. They are extremely trendy and comfy items which can be dressed up or dressed down. Denims come in a variety of styles and colors that can match every event. With the ever changing of different trends every season, fashionable ladies want to update their wardrobes with the latest trend. Each year, spring and summer seasons bring in exciting new denims, which you just can’t resist. And this year, the latest denim trend comes in varied stylish and colorful jeans. Read on to know more about the hottest jeans for women, 2011.

Denim is something which you cannot ignore when it comes to fashion, ranging from denim shirts, vest to jeans and denim shorts. Denims are just an indispensable item for a chic urban street look this summer. Denim outfits inspire both a super chic and casual look. So, this season get yourself a few new denim pieces and dare to pair it for a fabulous urban chic look. Following are some of the hottest jeans fashion. Take a look!!!


Ripped Jeans:

What goes around comes around and fashion is no different from this. Ripped jeans trend is one such example, which goes around in circles. This 90s ripped denim trend is back in vogue. It doesn’t matter what kind of jeans you wear, whether it is boyfriend style, wide legged style or skinny jeans, they are just perfect for this trend. Many celebrities were seen sporting ripped jeans this spring/summer and they looked fabulous. Ripped jeans is certainly an old trend, casual look that is now back with a bang on various fashion magazines and catwalks also. By adding the right baggy top and accessories, you can create a chic casual look without any difficulty.

When shopping for new ripped jeans, always keep in mind that these rips can become bigger as you wash them. So, it’s better to select the ones that have smaller rips and that are below your thighs. If you have old jeans , you can also create your own style of ripped jeans, making them unique and trendy.



The name jeggings is a combination of two fashion pieces, namely “jeans and leggings”. It’s not surprise to see the rise of jeggings in the fashion scene today, after-all super skinny tight jeans and leggings were quite very popular in the fashion world. Jeggings resemble skinny tight jeans, but they are more flexible, comfortable and lighter. Proper fitting jeggings can bring out your sexy curves, and darker washes can even create an illusion of slimmer and longer legs. This kind of jegging are quite versatile that can be worn with many different tops from dresses to tunics and long cardigans or sweaters. Pair them up with trendy scarves, chunky heels, stylish necklaces or other trendy accessories to get that ultra-glamorous look.


Boyfriend style

: This boyfriend jeans trend is often seen sported by Katie Holmes and yes she definitely made a fashion statement with this style. This kind of slouchy worn jeans or denims is very much in trend this summer. By choosing the right matching top and adding the right accessories, boyfriend jeans can help you get that super casual chic look, while keeping you very comfortable. Pair up your boyfriend jeans with a pair of high heels or wedge heels to bring out the feminine side of you.


Patched Denim:

Today’s fashion is all about uniqueness. So, if you want to set yourself apart from others, opt for patched denims. Patches can be any color, material and shape. Patches are fabulous for they can distract other’s eyes from the problematic areas. So, this summer, check for a pair of jeans with patches on your knee area. Wearing this type of jeans will certainly give you that funky, trendy look.

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