Fashion Don’ts for Petite Women

eva-longorian_petite-celebrity Understanding what kind of style suits your body and personality will help you dress in the right way. While, some some women prefer to make their own fashion statement, others abide by the fashion rules. Knowing what styles and wardrobe items to avoid and what to choose will help you create the best style if you are under or stand 5’4”. Here, your main aim is to make you appear taller than your actual height. You might have heard or got many fashion do’s from many fashionistas or stylists, but how about learning some fashion don’ts??? Knowing these fashion don’ts will help you avoid making any fashion faux-pas and make you look your best always. Take a look!!!

Extreme Wide Legged Pants:

Wide-legged slacks or trousers may come in and out of trend, however these extremely boot-cut style pants seen in many runway fashions are not meant for petite women if you want to create an illusion of taller height.Voluminous and wide legged pants tend to swallow up the height and make you appear even shorter. However, if you really want to wear or like wide legged pants, go for trousers that have slightly flared legs, but not those extremely flared bottoms. Pair it up with a nice pair of high heels that coordinates the color of your outfit, to make your legs appear longer.

Dolman Sleeves:

Dolman sleeves, also called batwings, may be a little roomy and wide to flatter your petite frame. They can be a little better for plus size women either, however avoid extreme batwings. These kind of tops may not help you elongate your body, but they swallow up your frame and make you appear even shorter. Tops or blouses that skim your body are the ideal choice for petite women. But that doesn’t mean you have to choose those extra-body-hugging tops or clothing. Just choose the clothes that fit your body perfectly.

Horizontal Stripes:

Avoid wearing dresses or tops that have horizontal details, because it makes the eyes to move side by side, thus making you look shorter rather than elongating your height. If you have to wear stripes, go for those skinny or light horizontal stripes or vertical stripes. Unlike horizontal stripes, vertical stripes or details can help you create an illusion of taller height, whether it’s ruffles going up on your front blouse, pinstripes on your trousers or a necklace.


Calf-length Hemlines:

Skirts and dresses that hit your mid-calf can cut short your leg and make your legs appear shorter than your actual legs. So, it’s always best for petite women to go for short or knee-length skirts and dresses, or dresses that hit beneath the ankle. Short or maxi dresses or skirts will help you elongate your body and make you look even taller.

Chunky Belts

: Wearing a wide belt can cut half the petite body and make you appear stumpy or shorter. This non-flattering style is even worse when you are adding a contrasting color to your dress, shirt or sweater. Petite women can pull off this style by wearing a thin or skinny belt that matches your clothing. Make sure that you choose a belt that coordinates your top or shirt to get that monochromatic look. Single color clothing often makes petite women appear leaner and longer.

Regular Women’s Clothing:

Clothing designed for average-sized women is often too long or big in the crotch area, legs and sleeves for a petite girl. And, such clothes may need to go for alteration and you may not able to get the right shape or cutting after alteration. So, it’s always better to shop or purchase clothes from stores specially designed for petite women. Or, you can always go for materials alone and give it for stitching in order to get the right fitting dress or suit.

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