How to Wear a Pashmina Scarf

jennifer-garner Pashmina scarf is one of the most popular fashion accessories for women. Knowing these soft. oversized shawls or scarves will help you add a fashionable edge to your look when cooler or winter season hits. You can change your entire outfit or look with an artfully placed shawl. If you are wondering how to style up your pashmina scarf, these tips will guide you to start with. Check it out!!!

Tips to Wear a Pashmina Scarf:

Unlike like other typical, winter scarves that are thick and long. They are smaller fashion scarves that can be tied around your neck jauntily. Pashmina scarves are long and wider almost like normal shawls. This allows you to style up in many different ways to spice up your outfit. Try the following tips to wear your pashmina.


Neck Knot:

A pashmina is a great choice to spice up your simple sheath dress and other casual ensembles like a denim jacket and khakis. Fold it in half width-wise and lengthwise and simply wrap it around your neck, making a big loop to pull through the one end of a pashmina.

The Wide Belt:

For a hobo-funky look, you can also tie your scarf loosely around the hips and allow the ends to fall gracefully. It’s not always necessary to match your shawl with your outfit. Adding a contrasting colored pashmina to your slacks or dress can make your outfit appear more interesting. So, you may like to opt for a cream scarf over gray or black. You can also go for a monochrome, classic look, for instance, a tan pashmina or shawl over beige slacks work well.

Simple Shawl:

Whether you simply drape the shawl over your shoulders, or around your body front to back, a pashmina shawl can add a fashionable edge to your style. You can simply pair up your fully open pashmina with your dress or dressy pair of jeans and heeled shoes.


Two at Once:

This style is often called as the “Hollywood-Style”, which involves wearing two different pashminas at one time. It is usually done with a shawl of different colors. You can simply intertwine the shawls by twisting them around each other. Casually wrap them around your neck, allowing one end to fall behind you and the other in front.

What Not to Do

: Like many other styles, there are certain do’s and don’ts to make sure that you don’t commit any fashion-faux-pas and look your best!!! Now, that you know how to wear a pashmina, here are a few don’ts you need to avoid.

Avoid Big Jewelry:

As mentioned above, pashminas are not like those small, short summer scarves, so when you wear a pashmina, make it as your biggest accessory and leave your huge bangle bracelets and chandelier earrings at home. I am sure you don’t want your beautiful pashmina to compete with those other big accessories.

Don’t Go Bulky:

If you consider wearing a pashmina, avoid wearing thick, bulky clothes for it can add extra bulk to your outfit. This shawl-like scarf works best with streamlined garments. So, ditch your chunky and thick wool sweaters and opt for a fitted, smart pencil skirt and turtleneck if you are wearing a pashmina shawl.


Choose the Appropriate One:

Pashminas come in a variety of colors, designs and patterns. Solid, simple colored designs go well with patterned or solid outfits. While, pashminas that are highly designed with beads or embroidery are great for evening wear. Similarly, know that your jeweled pashminas are not meant for the office.

Smart Accessorizing

: A pashmina is a versatile piece of fashion accessory that can be worn for both evening and day, formal and casual events. With various different options to style your pashminas, you can be supremely elegant and casually cool, no matter where you are heading to. Adding the right kind of accessory can change your entire look.

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