Tall Women’s Celebrity Casual Style

laura-prepon When we are talking about tall women, we just can’t forget this sexy, beautiful tall star of the famous “That 70s Show”, Laura Prepon. Her effortlessly cool clothing and fresh makeup always make her look confident and stand out from others. Whether you are heading for a night out or to a beach, this tall celebrity can guide you how to dress “cool and casual” just right. Take a look!!!


Casual and Cool Pantsuit

: This sexy lady pulls off the pantsuit style with a graceful image that projects confidence and casual chic look. She paired up her wide-legged pants with the same-color pointy-toed boots that help to lengthen her leg without adding volume. She also added a cool extra-long sleeves sweater that poked out under the jacket cuffs, making her outfit look more interesting without demanding much flashy accessories. Laura Prepon finished off her style with a classic black clutch, a loose ponytail and a captivating half-smile like she knew something which no one else knows.


Cool Blazer with Jeans:

If you are heading to a town for a lunch date with your friends, a stroll at a museum or a day for a shopping, you may like to take a cue from Ms. Prepon. Her boot cut, dark-rinse jeans teamed with a corduroy blazer, pointy-toed boots and her leather handbag give her that effortless beautiful look. Laura adds a turquoise necklace in contrast with her brown blazer to spice up her outfit and simple style.


Casual Stylish Weekend Wear:

You can go for t-shirts and long shorts for a cool, casual vibe. Take a few tips from this tall celebrity Prepon who teamed her wide-leg, knee-length shorts with a cool t-shirt, a clutch bag and a pair of kitten heels. Her wide-leg shorts make her calves look toned and long while her trendy clutch and kitten heels spice up her overall look.


Casual Cool Dresses:

Although Laura Prepon was often seen in her “athletic effortless chic” style, she definitely knows how to choose the perfect kind of dress for her. She usually goes for athletically toned shades such as heather gray and black. And, she prefers a little loose yet perfectly fitting dress that hints at her sexy curves, instead of those body-hugging dresses and magnifying her curves, and keeps her accessories and make-up minimal. When it comes to footwear, she usually opt for shoes that fade or become pale into the background.

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