Most Fashionable Male Celebrities

Fabulous and fashionable seemed to be all about women in the early days, but today men have come out from their caves and divulge their styles. Yes, Men may not have the fabulous jewelries, the long locks or the gowns, but they can style-up in many different ways. So, here we have listed some of the most fashionable male celebrities.


Justin Timberlake:

He is a singer, actor and now one of the most famous male fashion designers. Justin Timberlake is known for his high fashion sense in both formal and casual wear to funky tailored styles with comfy sneakers. He certainly knows how to pull off any kind of outfits. Being a male fashion icon, we can expect nothing less from his clothing line ‘Willian Rast”. Apart from this, he is a great entertainer, he was nominated recently for “3 Grammy Awards” that include his appearance in “Saturday Night Live” and the Best Rap Song, which have become legendary.


Barack Obama:

The fashion first lady, Michelle Obama is not the only one with a high fashion sense in the White House, the president Barack Obama makes sure he fits in his wife’s high fashion world. The president is known for wearing well-tailored, sleek suits accentuating dark shades with crisp white shirts and showing guys how to wear suits with style. He has helped influenced men’s panel-toe oxfords designed by Johnston & Murphy.


George Clooney:

This Hollywood hunk, George Clooney is always known for his classic and elegant style, emphasizing classically tailored suits with a sophisticated, modern edge. The Oscar-winning actor’s style has evolved along with his ever growing popularity. Moreover, he always spices up his style with a beautiful lady by his side.


David Beckham:

This top profile soccer player is always known for his sexy and edgy look, whether he is in a casual wear or well-tailored strip suit. He has the look that kills, the body that ladies just can’t resist and the sexy, fashion icon partner by his side, he continues to be the trendsetter whenever he steps out from the door. Beckham has proved enough that fashion accessories are not meant only for women. He set himself apart from the crowd by adding the right accessories whether he is wearing a classically clean suit or a pair of jeans.



The always fashion mogul, stylish rapper, Grammy award winner and record exec, winning has been uncontrollable in Jay-Z’s life. No wonder he was the chief creative officer of $700 million fashion line “Rocawear”. Anyway, who would not like to look their best, when he has the most beautiful and successful partner like Beyonce.


Brad Pitt:

Brad Pitt always looks irresistible despite his ever changing look, think of his oft-donned fedoras or his present grizzly goatee look. Pitt and his partner, sexy mama Angelina Jolie even designed high-end jewelry for Asprey label.


Robert Pattinson:

The “Twilight” star Robert Pattinson knows how to don his long body with a clean, sophisticated suit. Well, but is there any outfit that doesn’t suit to him??? Whether it’s a pair of jeans with a jersey or a tee, he always looks sexy, handsome and stylish, although he claimed himself as a non-trendy dresser. Perhaps, it is because of his I DON’T CARE attitude that makes girls go gaga over him and he is considered stylish!!!


Taylor Lautner:

Taylor Lautner may be just 19 years old, but he has got the body girls want and he knows how to show off his well-built body with the right outfit. He always looks dashing, whether he is wearing a suit like a gentleman or just a pair of denims and tee with a spunky-sneaker like a teenage guy.

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