How to Dress Tomboy Style

kate-moss1 So, you are a big fan of men’s fashion, masculine accessories and clothes??? But, you are not sure how to sport menswear in the right way??? Don’t worry any more, this article will give you some important style tips to help you start with. Adopt the hottest tomboy fashion, this trend proves that women can be just as feminine and hot while wearing suspenders, ties and even men’s hats.

Style Tips:

  • The main trick and idea behind sporting menswear is to wear the most masculine wardrobe pieces while retaining your femininity.
  • In today’s fashion world, many women, designers and celebrities are fascinated by the unique fashion styles. This trend is perfect for women who don’t want to adhere to the limits between women’s wear and men’s wear.
  • The basic clothing pieces and statement accessories need to be harmonized with a chic attire by following proper color combinations and proportions to make you appear stylishly presentable.
  • So, you may be wearing masculine wardrobe items, you still need to add a few women’s fashion accessories to soften your look. Following are some of the principle elements to help you dress in a tomboy style with refined taste.


Boyfriend Blazers:

Blazers are one of the hottest clothing items this year. You can sport them with either stylish boyish trousers or skinny jeans to create the boyish atmosphere for your entire look. However, you don’t have to stick to your grandpa neutral colors always, go for more vivid or bold shades if you are confident enough. Apart from your outfits, you also need to pay attention to your make-up and hairstyle to achieve that desired look. Complete the style with a nice pair of leather boots or oxford shoes.


Stylish vests scream masculine style whether it’s the cotton or classy tweed vest. To pull off this style with refined taste and style, you can pair it up with any masculine pant and a jacket or blazer. To make you stand out from the crowd, you may like to go for vests of different shades. This will also help you add that extra gentle flair and will make you pop. Whether you want to wear those small and feminine ones or the longer business kinds, both of these vests will help you achieve that unique and flawless tomboy look.


Women wearing ties may sound a little tricky, but both preppy style and rock chick fans have discovered the beauty and power of this masculine accessory to spice up your look and outfits. Ties being the one of the essential wardrobe items for men, it is available in many different shapes, styles, colors and patterns. So, choose the one that suits your entire outfit and your body shape. Most importantly, choose the right shade that complements your whole attire.


Flannel Trousers:

Flannel trousers are one of the most common wardrobe pieces for tomboy style. These tuxedo style masculine trousers go really well with almost any boyish fashion accessories. Whether you opt for pinstripes printed ones or the mono-colored types, the idea is to harmonize your attire with your favorite tuxedo jacket and vest. The tailored details of the trousers will help you further highlight the masculine appeal.


Hats are another must-have accessory for a tomboy look. Whether you are sporting an enchanting panama or a stylish fedora, wearing a hat can definitely flash your style and draws attention from the crowd. Hats can be an ideal menswear item for women who are fond of feminine clothing, but love to be in tomboy style. Hats can be worn with almost any outfit, ranging from skinny jeans, baggy pants, masculine trousers or shorts. You may like to pair up your skinny jeans with a tee, vest and a pair of knee-length boots to get that perfect masculine look.

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