Best Dressed Celebrity Kids

Celebrities can pull off any style looking absolutely gorgeous and we just can’t stop looking and talking about the celebrity styles and fashion. Being the daughter and son of fashionable parents, super stars and being brought up in the spotlight, we can’t expect nothing less or anything wrong from celebrity kids when it comes to fashion. There is no doubt that these celebrity kids are on the way to fashion fame, and sometimes even outstrip their parents’ groovy choice. Here we’ve listed some of the best dressed celebrity kids. Check it out!!!


Romeo Beckham:

Mr. & Mrs. Beckham are always known for their high fashion sense, and it’s no surprise to see Romeo Beckham being one of the best dressed celebrity kids. Romeo, at the age of 8 makes a lot of fashion statements. He is often seen with Californian look of must-have trainers, jeans and cap. Blending blazers with low key label t-shirt is his signature style.


Suri Cruise:

Tom Cruise said that he is very proud of his daughter Suri for her great sense of fashion and style. Being the daughter of style-icon Katie Holmes, many times we’ve seen Suri making a style statement. Suri is mostly known and became the talk in fashion world after she was seen wearing kitten heels at such a young age. From designer bags to flamenco dresses, this baby style icon is sure to give a fashion eyeful everyday, and we really love it!!!


Willow Smith:

And here comes the fierce pre-teen fashion icon, Willow Smith, daughter of actor Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. She is known for her edgy and groovy unique style. Willow Smith dresses like she is above ten years old when it comes to fashion. No doubt, she loves Lady Gaga.


Kingston Rossdale:

To tell the truth, is there any kind of outfit which Kingston Rossdale cannot pull off??? Whether it’s skinny jeans, cowboy boots or flat caps, he simply looks fabulous and stunning. Kingston Rossdale, being the son of a popular fashion designer and a pop star, Gwen Stefani, he always stands out from the other kids.


Shiloh Jolie-Pitt:

We just love and admire Shiloh Jolie-Pitt for not dressing like a sissy. This little daughter of Hollywood hunk Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie rocks the fashion world with his tomboy chic style, from her funky trilby hat to her edgy biker boots.


Honor Warren:

Jessisca Alba, who is always known for her elegant yet stylish fashion sense made sure that her daughter should follow her footstep. No other kids rock the kids’ fashion world with a simple cotton sundress like Honor Warren, daughter of sexy mama, Jessica Alba. Honor’s love of the cow-baby boots and prints make her outfits interesting and stand out from the crowd.


Violet Affleck:

Violet Affleck following the footstep of her famous mother Jennifer Garner’s classic feminine style, this girl manages to draw others attention when ever she steps out from the door with her pretty, sweet style. Although, she doesn’t always go with designer stuffs like many other celebrity kids, her style is quite practical and pretty enough to pop out in both style plaudits and playtime. We also love her Oz-tastic ruby slippers, she is simply charming and admiring.


Leni Klum:

Being the daughter of a supermodel Heidi Klum, we cannot expect nothing less from this pretty girl Leni Klum. Although, she is just six years old, she has got a great taste and she has become a fashion freak. From sun-dresses to skirts and cowboy boots to crocs she knows how to pull off with the right style. And, yes little Leni Klum, being a girl, she loves the color pink more than anything else.


Nahla Aubry:

This little girl is cute and beautiful as her mother Halle Berry, and on top of her beauty she is always in her best style where ever she goes. She rocks the kids’ world with her combat pants and biker boots. Nahla Aubry is another big fan of yellow color

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