Top Nine Celebrities Turned Fashion Designers

Today we see many celebrities turn into fashion designers and creating their own clothing line. So, let’s see some of the top celebrities who have leaped to different profession and become very successful in the fashion world.


The Jessica Simpson Collection- Jessica Simpson

: Jessica Simpson is making a fortune in the fashion world as a designer, leaving behind her cheesy reality shows and singing. She has launched a children’s clothing line together with her beautiful sister Ashlee Simpson. And yes, the clothes are definitely good enough to make many sexy mamas go fly.


House of Harlow- Nicole Richie:

She is one of the most popular socialites, and she is known for her good sense of fashion and wild, late night parties with her so-called best friend Paris Hilton. But, she has definitely come a long way today from those crazy days. Today, she is married and has two lovely kids, and launched her clothing line and enjoying the success of it!!!


The Row- Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen:

The Olsen twins follow the footsteps of many successful celebrities and decided to try their luck in the fashion world, apart from their successful TV shows and film career. And, successfully, they made a fortune out of it and got plenty of non-celebrity and celebrity fans.


Chloe Seveigny:

She is a model, an actress and a designer now, and she is becoming one of the top fashion designers and the most influential fashion stylist today. Having shown her collection on the runway successfully for more than three times, she becomes the star on the red carpet as well as on the catwalks. Her styles are quite simple yet very edgy, stunning and classic.


Kate Moss for Topshop:

Kate Moss is one of the top earning supermodels around the globe. Having been involved and participated in several high-profile fashion campaigns, this supermodel really knows how to identify a bad and a good trend. No doubt that her work with Topshop-Brities high-street fashion, is very much in demand, producing various styles ranging from classic vintage pieces to gothic-inspired evening wear. They may be quite expensive, but it’s worth investing in them because Kate Moss choice can never go wrong when it comes to fashion.


Victoria Beckham-Victoria Beckham:

She was first known as a pop star, with a band named “The Spice Girls”, and she is becoming even more popular after getting married to the top high-profile footballer, David Beckham. But, she has gained the most respect and fame after she has stepped into the world of fashion. Elle MacPherson notes that Victotia Beckham’s dresses are TIMELESS!!! And, we definitely love her pencil dresses and her edgy styles.


Twenty8Twelve- Sienna Miller:

Sienna Miller is also one of the most popular actresses who turned into a fashion designer. She herself having the perfect fashion sense, we just can’t expect low qualities and ugly styles from her clothing line.


Lucy in Disguise- Lily Allen:

Once she was known as the potty mouth in the music world, but now she is married and trying hard to make a fortune from the fashion world in collaboration with her sweet sister. Her clothing line is more about vintage-inspired outfits with a few classy designs that make you set apart from the crowd.


William Rast- Justin Timberlake:

He is one of the few male celebrities who try their luck in the world of fashion. Fortunately, he made it and now he is even considered as the fashion god. We love his clothing line “William Rast” because of the quirky and preppy designs that made the fashion runway interesting and alive. Many people are still clueless whether William Rast line is alive because of the attached celebrity name to the line, or is it really good!!!

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