Tops to Wear with Skirts

There are many different varieties and designs of tops or blouses available for women, but not all kinds of tops can be worn with skirts. Certain designs look better with jeans or pants when compared to skirts. Within the skirts itself, you need to choose the right kind of tops according to the shape of the skirts. So, let’s find out what kind of tops look better with skirts. If you want to look fabulous and presentable, it’s always important to choose the right tops, whether you wear pants, jeans or skirts


Tops to Wear with Pencil Skirts:

  • Pencil skirts can be worn by any woman no matter what body shape you have, when combined with the right kind of tops. Ladies with a small waistline can opt for a button-down shirt or a sweater top and tuck into the skirt.
  • Those girls with a medium waistline can go for a pulled out shirt, vest or sweater to combine with a pencil skirt.
  • Skinny girls should opt for a classic crisp work shirt, tiny tee, tank top and gossamer blouse. While, women with fuller figure can look for a shirt or a jacket that is slightly lower than the widest area of their body to team with a pencil skirt.
  • If you are looking for a classic style statement, go for a black pencil skirt and pair it up with a modest top, a jacket and finish off the look with a good pair of boots or bootie shoes.
  • Although, a white shirt with a black skirt always looks fabulous, you can also go for a printed top with accessories such as wide belt, trendy bootie ladies shoes or heeled boots. A proper tailored black pencil skirt looks stunning when combined with a frilly or feminine top.


Tops to Wear with Long Skirts:

  • Long flowing skirts look better when combined with fitted blouses or tops. So, if you love to wear floor sweeping long skirts, you should go for open neck, short sleeved tops. However, ladies with fuller bodies may like to wear wrap tops or button down shirts with a belt on top of it, instead of body-hugging blouses.
  • When it comes to color combination, dark colors such as dark gray, dark blue and black colored long skirts look great when teamed with brighter colored, slim fitting blouses, especially for those ladies who have wider body on the bottom.
  • For a casual wear, you can even pair up your long denim skirts with a simple tee or a strappy layered blouse. Those boho styled, colorful gypsy skirts also look fabulous with peasant tops or short tank tops.
  • Other trendy tops that can be paired with gypsy styled skirts include ethnic blouses with embroideries or other embellishments. The wrap-around skirts or the sarongs that is mostly worn on a beach can be combined with a simple white blouse.


Tops to Wear with High Waisted Skirts:

  • A white top with or without collar simply looks gorgeous with a high waisted skirt; it just makes the perfect classic attire. Trendy sleeve pattern blouses, especially broad cuffs, full sleeves or short balloon sleeves in white color, look stunning with high-waisted skirts.
  • You can also go for blouses and tops with smock pattern. Thin strapped tops, boat neck tops or body hugging tops can be paired with this kind of skirts. If you are looking for a more daring style, go for either off-shoulder tops or short sleeved tops.
  • A plain high-waisted skirt can be paired with a printed or plain top, while printed skirts can be worn with plain fashion tops. Another very important thing to keep in mind when wearing a high-waisted skirt is to tuck-in the top, whether you are wearing blouse, tee, top or a shirt. Complete the style with a nice pair of high heeled sandals or flats and a belt.

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