Cheryl Cole style tips

cheryl-cole-skinny-jeansHere are a few basic fashion tips for those girls and ladies who always admire Cheryl Cole and want to dress up like her. There is no doubt that many guys and girls go gaga over Cheryl Cole. She got that perfect body and the looks that kill, besides she has a great fashion sense. Often, she was nominated as the GLAMOROUS best dressed female celebrities and she won it this year 2011 as well.

Casual Style:

For Cheryl’s off-duty or daytime style, it is usually jeggings or skinny jeans. She hardly wears a skirt and flat sandals. Heels or high-heeled shoes are a must-have item for Cheryl. She knows how to show off her curves and sexy-toned legs with a nice pair of heels, whenever she steps out from the door. No matter what outfit she is wearing, this sexy lady makes it a point to add some eye-popping accessories such as a cute hat, belt, necklaces or neck chains, shoes or a bag or a clutch.

Cheryl Cole prefers simple yet fashionable outfits rather than those wild, crazy outfits. Once she said “I don’t like to experiment with wacky outfits. I wouldn’t dare go out in the stuff Lady Gaga wears, for instance, even though it’s perceived as high fashion.”

Some of her favourite designers include Nicholas Kirkwood for high-heeled shoes, Wildfox Couture for fab tees and J Brand for jeans.


Must-Haves –Wardrobe Pieces:

  • Suede platform pumps or studded heels to add an instant glam.
  • Brown or black booties and
  • Dark jeggings or skinny jeans

Cheryl Cole Night Style:

She is definitely one of the many female celebrities who simply love to wear designer dresses. She loves to experiment with different colors when it comes to dresses. She is not afraid to go for bold and daring shades from black to orange and pink. Cheryl gets away with any length of dresses, from short to floor sweeping styles. Bright, sparkly little dress is a must-have-dress for those ladies who are looking for Cheryl’s style.

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