How to Wear Orange

miley-cyrus-in-orange-dressThere is no doubt that orange color is a difficult or tricky shade to pull off for a lot of ladies. But surprisingly, orange is a flattering shade for it can add a natural glow instantly to the wearer’s skin tone. Many great designers lit up the fashion runways this summer with a wide range of dynamic tangerines, amped-up corals and neon oranges that looked wearable and attractive all at once. However, if you don’t dress up in the right way, orange color can kill your overall appearance. So here are a few style tips on how to ensure that you are wearing the right shade at the appropriate time and in the right way.

Style Tips to Wear Orange Color:

  • If you consider wearing an orange shade near your face like a hat, accessories or a top, you can go for vibrant hues of mango for dark-to-olive skin tone. Choose more muted orange hues like a sunset color if you have fair or pale skin tone.
  • When shopping for orange clothes, just take the garment or blouse and hold it up near your face. If it can brighten up your complexion, go ahead, but check out another shade if it makes you appear drab or pale.
  • celebrities-in-orange-skirts

  • Make yourself stand out if you choose to wear statement colors like orange and red. Don’t let your outfit take over you. Be confident and go with the right attitude!!!
  • You always want to wear neon orange shade but you are worried that it may look bad against your complexion, then go for something that is far from your face such as a pair of shoes, belt or skirts. Or, you can always opt for something that has a hint of orange hue initially and gradually progress to more prominent orange shades.
  • If you are looking for hippie, chic look, don’t be afraid to pair up your orange tops or bottoms with other colored blouses or bottoms. Just make sure that the two colors compliment each other and suits your skin tone. For instance, Ashley Olsen simply looks chic and stunning with an electric blue scarf over her simple orange dress, as shown in the picture.
  • ashley-olsen_orange-dress

  • If you are not sure how to pull of with an orange color clothing, you can opt for some trendy orange colored accessories such as a purse, scarf, belt or other fashion accessories.
  • If you are looking for a more personality and casual look, just pair up your favorite blue or black denims with an orange jacket or blazer. This style works best for cool summer evening outings or evening affair. Your simple little white dress can also be jazzed up with an orange blazer.
  • celebrities-in-orange

  • A simple sleeveless shirt in orange color will also give you that fresh, summer chic look, especially when paired with a fuchsia pleated skirt and turquoise clutch.
  • For a more feminine and simple look, you can go for a simple shift dress in orange color. There are various orange shades, ranging from coral to neon. Therefore, choose the shade that works best on your skin tone. People with olive or dark skin tone can go for bolder shades whereas women with pale or fair skin tone can go for soft corals.
  • celebrities-in-orange-dresses

  • Spice up your orange ensemble with gold accessories to get that ultra glamorous look. Choose from gold colored bags, shoes to jewelry to add that oomph factor to your outfits.

If all the above options are not your taste and you are not yet ready to invest in any item, but still curious to try out this vibrant orange trend, why not try out an orange lipstick or, coral or tangerine nail polish??? You just need to be a little more creative, the options are limitless. For summer, orange is certainly the new black!!!

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