Clothes to Flatter Wide Hips

beyonce Yes, it can be quite difficult to find clothes that flatter wide hips, however by considering these few style tips; you can certainly find flattering wardrobe items in no time. Today there are various clothes with a number of designs and styles available in order to fit each and every body shape. It is not always necessary to change your body or figure to dress in style and stay fashionable. No matter what figure you have, you can always dress like a celebrity and create a fashion statement. It is all about choosing the right type of clothes that work best on your body.

Shopping for Clothes that Flatter Wide Hips:

Consider these following tips to help you choose the right clothes that compliment your figure. No matter what body shape you have, there are always clothes and styles that suit your body. You have big hips; learn to show off your sexy hips beautifully instead of trying hard to camouflage them.


Defined-Waist Button-Down Shirts:

  • Look out for something that defines your waistline and hips. By downplaying your wide sexy hips and showing off your curves, you are actually adding the sexy feminine silhouette where boxy-tees simply don’t.
  • Be careful about the length of your shirts or blouses. Make sure that you choose the one that hits till your mid-hip or slightly below your hips, and not above your hip-line. Wearing short tops or shirts that hit above the hip will make your wide hips appear even bigger.
  • Tunic length tops are great options for women with generously wide hips. Button-down shirts are just perfect for wide hips ladies for they can add a tailored and clean effect to your apparels, making you look trimmer and slimmer including your hips.
  • You can go for tops or shirts in classic black or dusty pastel for all-season appeal instead of classic white.


Belted Dresses:

  • Similar to defined-waist shirts and tops, belted dresses will also give you that slimmer overall appearance. Belted dresses are just perfect for women looking for more feminine look for both play and work.
  • You can go for a dress that hits your knee or slightly above the knee length to play down the wideness of your hips and to flaunt them off.
  • Belted dresses can include fabric or rope belts, more structured pieces and loose drawstring dress closures or wider.
  • When shopping for a dress, look for the pattern that can create an illusion of smaller body frame. For instance, avoid those dresses with horizontal patterns because they will make you appear even bigger and wider.
  • Choose something that has a medium-sized patterns or prints in neutral shades if you not sure which pattern works best on your body.


High-Waisted Skirts:

If you are looking for feminine chic style, high waisted skirts are what you need to purchase. They will help you draw attention to your curvy waistline and draws attention away from your generous hips. You may like to go for a skirt that hits near your belly button, or the smallest area that hits right underneath your bust, although you don’t have a distinct small waist. Wearing a high waisted skirt will also help you accentuate your bust-line that helps balance out your wide hips.


Wide-Legged Trousers:

Often many people think that wide-legged trousers make them look fatter and wider, but it’s all misconception. Wide-legged pants are also an excellent choice for ladies with wide hips. These wide pants help to skim off your hip-line to the ground, making your generous hips appear slimmer.

Create an illusion of smaller hips by wearing dark colored clothing such as black and dark indigo. There is no fading or whiskering allowed if you really want to dress up to make your wide hips appear smaller.

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