Urban Fashion for Women

vanessa-hudgens_urban-style Like haute couture, women’s urban fashion changes with the seasons. But, there are certain mainstays, which you can count on to stay stylish and fashionable every season, no matter which season is running. Urban wears are fashionable and can adapt to the ever changing urban scene environment. So what makes ladies urban fashion set different from other fashion we see in Milan and Paris runway fashion??? Yes, urban fashion trends are more likely to reflect the ethnicities melting pot that create the landscape of urban life.

Urban fashion is active and unique. You need to be prepared and ready for each and every possible scenario. The apparel paraded on the catwalks or the popular fashion in Paris are often not suitable for urban women. The materials and stiff design used in most of the runway fashion apparels are not convenient in a noisy, active city environment. And therefore, urban women need to choose something very edgy and chic clothing, something useful yet daring and with a few exciting ethnic influences. Here are some useful style tips of urban fashion for women.

Urban Fashion Lifestyle:

To embrace the urban style correctly, you need to know what exactly create the “urban look”. So, you may like to consider the following rules.

  • The urban look needs to be EDGY.
  • It should be daring, bold yet functional and
  • It should be ethnic inspired apparels.

How to Make the Edgy Look:

kate-middleton_edgy-style You always admire and love urban fashion, but you are not sure where and how to start with??? Consider these fashion tips to help you create that edgy urban look. If you often go with a business suit as your regular dress code, you may like to pair up your suit with a pair of high-heeled boots and add an eye-catching belt over your skirt, in order to spruce up your simple attire. Or, ditch the jacket of your favorite suit or blazer and opt for an elegant sweater instead. Anything that makes your look stand out or any hardware kind can help you create that urban look.

Make it Ethnic:

Another very important ingredient for women’s urban fashion is to add an ethnic element. The reason is that, urban areas generally have an ethnic population or a huge range of immigrants, and these various cultures and their personal style slowly blend themselves, and create overall fashion palette. One best way to kate-moss-bold-style add an ethnic element to your clothing is by adding various necklaces in varying lengths. Wearing large or giant-sized earrings will also help you create a more urban look. Other ethnic elements to consider are clothes designed in ethnic prints or peasant styles tops or blouses.

Bold Yet Functional:

Try wearing eye-catching accessories or a piece of clothing to create a bold yet functional look. This is where large colorful totes and knee-length black boots come in handy. Large purses or totes should look trendy and big enough to carry all your necessary stuffs from paperwork to water bottles, but make sure you choose the size that is comfortable for you. The knee-high boots should be low-heeled or the heels should not be too high, should be comfortable, keep you warm during cold days and should look fantastic with any of your outfits.


Wardrobe Mainstays of Women Urban Fashion:

Although, urban fashion keeps changing with every new season certain urban fashion styles will remain forever. Filling your wardrobe with these fashion pieces will help you save money and stay fashionable always. They look fabulous no matter what!!! Following are some of the wardrobe mainstays of urban fashion.

  • Boots, either knee length or ankle length boots.
  • A fashionable wool coat
  • Skinny jeans
  • A black cardigan
  • Ballet flats
  • A fiercely designed belt
  • A corduroy or tweet blazer
  • Pencil thin skirts
  • Eye-catching jewelries
  • Stilettos or pumps in look-at-me shades

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