Rules for Wearing White

celebrities-in-beige-colored-dress You might be knowing all the rules for wearing white if you are still clinging to traditional fashion rules. But, do we really need to adhere to traditional rules in today’s fast evolving fashion world??? Well, it’s all up to your personal choice. However, there may be a time where you are forced to follow or consider certain dress codes or rules, so there is no loss in knowing and understanding the rules for wearing white. Check it out!!!

Basic Rules for Wearing White:

Yes, today fashion world may not have any hard-and-fast rule to follow with the modern fashion emphasis more on individualized style concept. But, if you are very much conscious about the traditional rules and want to keep grounded to your tradition and culture, you may like to know these white clothing rules.

  • Never wear a white dress or white colored gown to a wedding, because you don’t want to compete with the bride on her special day right??? It’s perfectly fine to have white print or pattern on your ensemble, but not the entire head-to-toe white dress PLEASE, if you are attending a marriage function.
  • Steer clear of white colored clothing during cold or cool weather. You can turn to off-white, beige or cream clothing during cool weather, if you love to wear white and feel that white complements your skin tone very well.
  • If you are staying in a tropical environment region, you can wear white clothing throughout the year. You just need to consider the shades of the white color during summer and winter as mentioned above.
  • Ensure that you choose the right footwear. For instance, wearing a lightweight white dress with a pair of heavy black pumps may look pathetic. During spring or summer, you can pair up your white dress with a pair of natural toned sandals or beige heels. During fall and winter, you can go for some brown shoes or sandals, but not black for sure!!!

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