Formal Summer Dresses

anne-hathaway_shift-dress Although, typical summer dresses are carefree and relaxed; its formal counterpart will provide a fabulous alternative for special events. Formal summer dresses are comfortable, stylish and boast a lot of glamour. They are just perfect for balmy evenings. Formal summer dresses don’t mean only for ladies who are working in a corporate business office or professional business workplace, they can be worn in any function where you need to dress up more than your casual day dress like a wedding or an outdoor party.

Summer dresses that are appropriate for special occasions range from airy and light to dramatic and heavily embellished dresses. You may require following a certain dress code in some special occasions, however your ultimate aim is to see your comfort level. So, make sure that you choose the appropriate dress that is most comfortable for you and works best on your body type.

Styling Tips:

Another main factor you need to consider when dressing up for a function is to dress according to the time. Formal events are not always held in the evening. There may be a time where you need to dress up in a hot sunny day. Whatever the function may be, ensure that you choose the appropriate dress. Here are a few style tips for you. Take a look!!!

  • Stay away from dark colors, if the temperature is truly high. By wearing some light-reflective colors, you can always stay chic and cool in the heat. If you are not comfortable wearing white, go for something extremely light like baby pink, sky blue or faint yellow. If you are attending marriage function, avoid wearing white. You don’t want to compete to the bride on her special day, do you???
  • Our old time favourite, the classic little black dress can never go wrong in fashion. So, never underestimate the beauty of your LBT, however don’t forget to spruce it up with some trendy accessories such as dangling earrings with unique colorful stones, or a contrasting clutch in an exciting hue like teal or fuchsia.
  • Looking for a bold fashion statement??? Go gaga over some unusual prints. For a feminine chic look, go for a bright floral pattern. It makes you feel and look fresh during hot sunny days, especially when teamed with elongating beige sandals.
  • If it is breezy or slightly windy outside, put on a light stole around your neck. If you are not sure, you can always fold it into your bag and carry it with you.
  • Leave your mini skirts for some casual events. Although, they look cool and comfortable in summer, they don’t usually exude the kind of look which formal wears usually produce. For formal summer dress, it’s always best to choose the length that hits at your knee or slightly above the knee length.

Important Details to Remember When Shopping:

Following are some important details which you should always keep in mind when shopping or choosing formal summer dresses, so that they can be suitable for hot summer days and are stylish enough for the events as well.


Dark, subdued shades should be swept away for summer or warm weather. Play with bright colors such as pink, green, lavender, blue and yellow. For summer outdoor events, a white dress is an excellent choice, because it reflects sunlight, heat and exudes a cool, sophisticated vibe.


If you love to wear longer dresses, consider a maxi summer dress, which is especially designed for formal wears. Ditch your standard jersey styles and look for single-shoulder designs or strapless styles. Shifts, A-line designs or loose cuts in knee length dress are simple yet very elegant, while halter tops, bare shoulders or off-the shoulder designs add more fun element and style to your ensemble.

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