Linen Shirts for Men

kellan-lutz_linen-shirtLinen is a natural fabric produced from the flax plant. Linen clothes are known for their cool effect during summer or warmer climates. Linen clothes come in a huge range of clothing from pants to shirts and suits. They are both a stylish and lightweight option for summer days and therefore linen shirts have become the favorite choice of men’s clothing. They are just perfect for summer vacation or any time you need to feel comfortable.

Men’s Linen Shirt Styles:

Men’s linen shirts comes in a wide range of styles from short sleeves to long sleeves and from dressy to casual styles. The camp shirt, the Mexican or Guayabera wedding shirts are some of the styles, which are commonly done in linen. You can wear linen shirts on various occasions. Although, they are considered inappropriate for business formal or professional wear, they can be worn in business casual attire or in many other dressy casual functions.

Linen Shirts are Perfect for:

Linen shirts can be worn anywhere from office to a summer date, there are infinite possibilities to wear a linen shirt that includes:

For a Beach Wedding: I

nstead of wearing a traditional suit, you can try wearing a Guayabera linen shirt in white color to create a different look. The Guayabera shirts are also commonly known as Mexican wedding shirts. They are just perfect for any dressy outdoor affair, especially when paired with a linen jacket and linen pants.

Casual Friday Office:

Linen shirts can be also worn as a business casual attire on Friday when your tee is too casual for office and your button-up shirt is a little too formal and stuffy on Friday.

Afternoon Outings or Dinner Dates:

Nothing is more better and appropriate than a linen shirt for afternoon outings with your friends, or for a dinner date.

Summer Semi-Formal Events:

Your linen shirt will be just perfect for any special summer event when a black suit or proper formal suit is not compulsory. Just pair it up with a pair of dress pants and shoes for a polished dressy, trendy look.

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