Men’s Polo Shirts

mens-polo-shirts So, you are interested to add some extremely versatile pieces to your wardrobe??? Well then, men’s polo shirts are what you are looking for. They can be worn alone, layered, dressed up or down and they come in a huge variety of patterns and colors. They are comfortable and make the wearers look simply elegant and smart. Polo shirts can be worn by anyone no matter what body shape you have. So, if you feel that polo shirts are not good enough for you, you need to reconsider your thoughts this summer and invest in at least one nice polo shirt in your closet. A polo shirt is the best option when a button-up shirt makes you feel a little too formal or stuffy, and a tee is too casual.

Polo Shirts for Casual Wear:

Polo shirts are just perfect for casual summer days, especially when paired with jeans or shorts and sandals. This will give you that cool summery look. And for winter wear, you just have to put on your favorite jacket on top of it and replace your summer sandals with boots or sneakers. And there, you are ready to step out the door with style. So, you can wear these shirts in all the seasons with style.

Polo Shirts for Business Casual Wear:

If your office allows casual wear on Friday, or if you are working in a business casual workplace, polo shirts are the best choice to create that business casual attire because your tees may be a little too casual for office. So, just pair up your favorite polo shirt with a nice pair of khakis or slacks, dress shoes and a belt. This will allow you to create that perfect business casual wear without making you look over or under-dressed.

Dressing Them Down:

Throwing a leather bomber jacket or a nice pair of blue jeans on top of your polo shirt will give you that carefree, weekend feel. You can even pair it up with a good pair of khakis for a smart casual look. You can wear almost anywhere, whether you are just hanging out with your friends or to a business casual party.

Dressing Them Up:

Yes, there is no doubt that your polo shirt can never take the place of your button-up, long-sleeved formal shirt in a business meeting and should not be worn to a proper formal event or black tie affair. However, you can still dress them up for a business casual affair as mentioned above. All you need to do is pair it up with a good pair of formal pants or slacks and certain polished accessories. Just ensure that your shirt and pants are looking neat and properly pressed. Nothing kills your attire more than a rumpled appearance.


Part of a Uniform:

These polo shirts can also be worn in many organizations or offices as a standard uniform. This is a great idea to give that unified image to the staff. The color and pattern are usually chosen by the office or organisation, and they can be embroidered with the company name on the shirt. In such a case, both women and men will wear the same kind of shirt.

Fabrics, Patterns and Colors:

If you have a particular color or pattern you love to wear, or you feel that some special colors make you feel more handsome or better, you should check out men’s polo shirts. Polo shirts for men come in a wide variety of colors and patterns ranging from windowpane to stripes, although they are mostly available in solid colors. If you are looking for something more interesting yet subtle, you can try something with contrasting cuffs and a collar. Moreover, polo shirts are available in polyester or spandex blends, 100% cotton, wool or technical polyester. So, they can be anything from luxurious or basic or a splurge to inexpensive.

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