Tops to Wear with Leggings

celebrities-in-leggings Leggings have become the fashion staple of every woman’s closet. Women’s closet is incomplete without a nice pair of leggings in today’s fashion world. They are becoming more and more popular because of the very simple reasons; leggings are trendy, comfortable, versatile and come in various colors, including patterned designs and solid colors. Although, almost all kinds of tops can be paired up with your leggings, certain tops may look much flattering and appropriate for leggings. So, if you are not sure what kinds of tops work best on leggings, this article will clear your confusion. Take a look!!!

Best Tops to Wear with Leggings:

The first and most important tip to choose the right top for leggings is to select the longer tops that hit below your hips. Following are some of the best tops that are appropriate to wear with leggings.



Tunics are one of the most common tops to pair with leggings. Tunics are comfortable and help you camouflage the flaws of your body without making it so obvious. They come in many different fabrics such as silk, polyester and cotton, and all these make you feel comfortable. The ideal length of a tunic top to wear with leggings is the one that hits till or slightly above your mid-thigh. Shorter women or petite women may like to opt for the monochromatic clothing. Keep your leggings and tunic top in a similar shade.

Long Sweater:

If it’s cool and windy outside and not cold enough to wear your trench coat or fur jacket, you can wear a long sweater or cardigan over your leggings. You can opt for a tunic-like sweater or a wide-collared belted cardigan that hits your mid-thigh. Slim women may like to opt for a bulky sweater, while tall and lean women can go for a body-hugging sweater to create that youthful and sophisticated look.



Take out your short dress, which was simply lying in your closet for many months, because you are not sure whether it is a shirt or a dress!!! Leggings will solve your problem. If you are young, wear your patterned leggings with a solid dress in a contrasting shade to get that funky, chic look. More mature women need to wear a solid colored dress like a dark colored, safari style and matching leggings to get this style.

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