Gypsy Style Dresses

paris-hilton_gypsy-styleWondering why many celebrities and fashionista ladies are going gaga over gypsy style dress??? Well, they are indefinitely interchangeable and fun when you layer or pair them with basic tanks and camisoles. So, if you are fashion conscious and adventurous, you should also try these fabulous gypsy dresses. Gypsy style dresses come in a huge range of styles that include loose t-shirt dresses, lace dresses with fancy buttons and cuffs, drawstring waist dresses and sheer shifts. These dresses come in various lengths and are highly versatile.

Gypsy Dress Designs:

Here are some of the hottest gypsy dress styles; however you will find many more good and unique designs as you shop around. Take a look!!!

Embellished Dresses:

Most of the gypsy dresses have high embroidery and beads. These embellished dresses can be worn for both fancy events at day time and for night outings. With a lot of extras and embellished details to simple shapes and fabrics, you can relish in a sophisticated comfortable collection, which helps you draw others’ attention. Look for strappy sandals with kitten heels or jewelled flat sandals.


Drawstring Cheesecloth Dresses:

A lightweight drape with a fluid and soft dress is a great option for comfort addicts and beach bums. The elastic touch on the midsection for the perfect fit will help you feel relaxed and secure. You can try strappy sandals and bangles to jazz up your drawstring cheesecloth dress. Wayfarer sunglasses and a hat are other great accessories for gypsy dresses.

Strapless Dresses:

Girls looking for gypsy details can also go for strapless items, but ensure that you go for longer items for perfect layering styles. Put on a tee or a vest over your strapless dress to create the ultimate gypsy style. Or, you can add a stylish scarf or shawl around your neck for color accent. Mini boots, ballerina flats, flip flops, slippers, mary janes and leather thong sandals are some great options to team with your gypsy strapless dress.

Decorative-Backed Dresses:

If you are looking for a carefree, comfortable gypsy dress, opt for decorative-backed dresses. These dresses allows for easier movements for they are carefully-designed with macramé stitching and details. They can be worn with almost any sandals with your hair up.

Contemporary Gypsy Dresses:

There are many different hippie-inspired designs options available, which can be worn at fancier events that include the ones with asymmetrical hems, shaped necklines and flutter-sleeves. Strappy dresses can be worn with chunky cocktail rings, heavy chandelier earrings and other jewelries.

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