Dress Like Victoria Beckham!!!

waistcoat It can be quite challenging to dress like the world fashion icon, Victoria Beckham, however she does have some mainstay pieces in her closet. She is known for her high fashion sense and besides, she has a defined shapely waistline and an enviable figure. But, it’s alright; you can always dress like Mrs. Beckham no matter what body shape you have. Despite of her usual revealing and skin tight clothing, she also wears gorgeous high heels, shapely trench coat and other trendy yet simple styles which any woman can wear. Here are a few style tips to help you dress like Victoria Beckham.

Trench Coats:

It is not always necessary to purchase your coat at the most expensive designer shops or at the high end street to mimic Mrs.Beckham’s style. Check out for structured coats at shops such as The Gap and the Old Navy. If you are looking for an extended size, you can check at the Lane Bryant store. Then, you can add a quality belt to create that perfect fitting shapely style.


Sleek Dresses:

She has a variety of fabulous dresses that are well-defined and they are pretty interesting. So, to start with, you can buy a sleeveless dress in a navy blue color that hits just above your knee. Look for a dress with a notch collar and spice up your dress with some pretty accessories like a nice trendy watch or statement earrings.

High-Waisted Jeans:

Sometimes she loves to turn to retro-inspired styles by pushing the modern silhouette world behind. So, try wearing slim, high-waist jeans together with a cute tee or tank top. Check out for some dark colors and don’t hesitate to pair it up with a trendy waistcoat or a suspenders and a newsboy cap.

Very High Heels:

Whatever you choose to wear, don’t forget to pair it up with a nice pair of high heels or stiletto shoes. However, make sure that you choose the one which is comfortable for you!!! Check out tall pumps with heavier stacked heels and a rounded toe for balance. Victoria Beckham has worn almost every color under the planet. Go for bright colors and pair it up with your favourite color and outfits.

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