Dresses for Petite Women

victoria-beckam_monochromatic-clothing If you are shorter than the average women, it can be very frustrating and difficult to find the perfect fitting dress. Often, most of the outfits will be either too boxy or too long for you. Moreover, you need to choose the appropriate outfit to make you appear taller. Shopping in the specialty stores or petite boutiques that sell clothing specially for petite women will help you find the the perfect or flattering outfits for petite body shape. Read on and find out how to flatter and enhance your petite figure by choosing the right dresses for petite women.

Best Dresses for Petite Women:

If you are wondering what kinds of dresses look best on petite women, here we’ve listed some of the best dresses for petite women. Check it out!!!

V-Neck Dresses:

V-neckline dresses are flattering for almost all body shapes and petite women are no exception in that. The vertical impression creates by the V-necklines make the shorter women look taller. It also allows you to show off your neck and creates the illusion of leaner and longer neck.

Vertical Details:

If you are looking for an awesome striped summer dress, always opt for a vertical stripe and stay away from horizontal details. Vertical stripes will make you appear taller than your actual height.


Wrap Style:

Wrap dresses can be worn by any woman and they look fabulous on almost all body types including petite body shape. They are flattering for almost all body shapes because of the diagonal direction which creates a waistline and the built-in v-neckline, thus allowing to show off the sexy feminine silhouette.

Knee Length Or Shorter Dresses:

The objective of dressing your body shape is to accentuate your petite figure and create an illusion of taller look as well. And, the best way to create a taller appearance is to show off your beautiful legs. The more legs you show, the taller and leaner you’ll appear. A knee length dress or a dress that is slightly above your knee is the most flattering dress for petite women.

Ankle length Dresses:

If short dresses are not your type, you can go for a long dress that hits till your ankles or to the floor. Maxi dresses are very much in trend as well, so opt for a long maxi cotton sundress and pair it up with a pair of espadrille sandals or wedges heels.jennifer-love-hewit

What to Avoid:

Choosing the wrong outfit will make you look even shorter and spoil your overall appearance. So, here we list out some dresses which petite women should avoid.

Calf length:

Avoid those dresses or skirts that hit your middle lower legs, they will cut off the illusion of taller look which you are trying to get. So, you should always opt for either a very long dress or a knee-length dress.

Wide belt:

Be very wise in choosing a belt for you. Wide belts can also work for petite women but only when the color is matching to your dress. For instance, if you want to add a belt over your little black dress for additional style effect, make sure that your belt is in black shade. Adding a wide red belt or white belt will cut your body in half and make you appear even shorter.

Different colors:

A monochromatic clothing style is always the best way to flatter the petite body shape. Petite women and short women should avoid wearing different shades of tops and bottoms, for they will cut your body in half and make you appear even shorter again. And, you don’t want this right???

Horizontal stripes:

Petite women and short women should stay away from any variety horizontal details. These side-to-side stripes will make you appear shorter than your actual height.

Where to Shop:

You may like to consider the following retailers when shopping to choose the best dresses for petite women for any occasion.

  • Nordstrom
  • Petite Sophisticate
  • Ann Taylor
  • JCPenney
  • Talbots and
  • eDress me

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