Four Fashion Switch-Ups For 2011

There are different styles that come out every year. You need to update yourself regularly with the latest fashion trend if you want to be in trend. So, if you are looking for the latest trend to help you switch-up this year, we are here for you!!! Check it out!!!


Ditch the Black Bag:

The classic black bags may be the favourite of many fashionable ladies. However, it’s time to ditch your black bags and go for those bright trendy bags this season. 2011-fashion year is all about experimenting with colors and bold patterns. Carrying a nice bright purse or clutch will definitely help you spice up your outfits and make you look more interesting.


Go Blush Make-Up:

This year we are going back to rosy and bright blush make-up after many seasons of bold eyes and lips. That little extra flush of peach or pink will not only brighten up your entire look, but it is easy to do, without following following many steps like other make-up styles.


Pick up Some Big Edgy Motif Earrings:

To make a fashion statement never ignore fashion jewelries this year. Pick up some edgy motif jewelries and spice up your over all look. There is nothing more glamorous than wearing a trendy pair of giant size earrings this season. You may also like to steal some of your mother’s old 70s hoops or rhinestone earrings!!!


Trade In Your Skinny Jeans:

Although, so many new trouser styles like wide-leg and high-waisted styles coming into fashion, we just cannot effort to lose our favorite skinny jeans. Skinny jeans will remain in the trend this season. Or, you may like to go for that modified 70’s style clean straight leg jeans, for they are very much in VOGUE this season. And, heels are a must for this style.

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