Jewelry Trends Summer 2011

sarah-jessica-parker Winter is over and summer is stepping in!!! So, this summer be ahead of the fashion game by knowing what’s next and what’s in trend!!! Although bright colors and hues are appearing to dominate more this summer, we’ll see a lot of reappearance of the 80s fashion with unique patterns ranging from stripes to checkered, even polka-dots with loud colors. Acrylic beads which are available in different colors would work great to make colorful summer jewelry.


Natural and Earthly Jewelry:

Another hot trend for summer jewelry is the earthly, natural look. Materials such as shell and wood are in great demand this summer fashion season. Shells, gemstones and wood beads are great options for this summer to make a style statement. The idea is to mimic or replicate elements found in nature, especially those stuffs without structure. Let chunky stones be your best friend this season. Or, simply put on shell beads, gemstones and wood components together and make your own fashion trend.


Ornamented Necklaces and Pendants:

This summer ornamented and multimedia jewelries are in trend. Necklaces covering the entire neckline along with pendants made of different materials are also very trendy this summer. Materials like huge man-made rhinestones, stones or other materials are extensively used to create cheaper yet amazing jewelries.


Edgy Motif Jewelry:

This year, go for more edgy motif jewelry trend, from birds to snakes. There are a number of girly yet edgy designs ranging from birds, hearts and flowers to entertaining unique designs that include bear, snakes and wolf. Ever since Lady Gaga came into the music industry, fashion industries are becoming more challenging, and are more into edgy and wild fashion styles.

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