Lady Gaga’s Top 5 Craziest Outfits

Ever since Lady Gaga came into the music industry, she is known for her racy outfits and quirky fashion sense. Although, her voice is not as great as our old time favorite female singers like Shania Twain, Celine Dion, Madonna and Sheryle Crow, she still manages to win the heart of many people and bag quite a number of music awards. Well, so here we have listed some of the craziest outfits of Lady Gaga!!!


The Devil Wears Lace:

Lady Gaga’s devil red lace dress made by Alexander McQueen, worn at the MTV Video Music Awards, 2009, looked really weird. No one has ever done this kind of fashion statement. I wonder what kind of outfit she’ll wear while accepting the Craziest Outfit Awards.


The Lobster Hat:

The chicken claw bracelet and the platinum lobster headpiece, which she wore for dinner in London at Mr.Chow restaurant, at 2010 is another craziest outfit of Lady Gaga. And that’s what we called exclusivity today!!!


Fire Bra:

Seems like she is trying to update the cone bra of Madonna adding fireworks feature into it. Yes, she wore this coned bra with fiery sparks at the Much Music Awards, 2009 and left the audience speechless!!!


Bubble Dress:

Sometimes I appreciate Lady Gaga for her wild ideas about her fashion styles. She wore a bubble dress and gave a sleepless night for many great fashion designers. Wonder how she manage to sit down and move her body!!!


Muppet Material or Kermit Coat:

Remember, she wore a kermit coat with hundreds of frog dolls designed by Jean-Charles de Castelbajac at the German Talk Show Interview, 2009??? And YUCK!!! it was quite disgusting at times but she was the talk of fashion again!!!

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