Kitten Heels in Trend

Kitten heels may not help you define the calf, lengthen your height or make you feel sexier or feel like a sex-bomb like other heels generally do. They are separated from the ladylike charm of the 50s and you are left with just a stunted little heel footwear. However, today’s fashion is all about reviving vintage fashion. So, stunted kitten heels are back with a bang this season. Whether you like it or not, you’ll see many celebrities and fashionista ladies sporting this stunted heel this season. Kitten heels are very much in TREND. They are nice, comfortable, sensual and stunning. Read on and know more about kitten heels.

What is a Kitten Heel?

For people who are not sure about kitten heels, here’s a brief explanation. Kitten heels take up the space between sex-bomb killer heels and flat shoes. They come in a small slim heel of 2 inches or lesser. Usually, the heel curves inwards, giving more stability and comfort than a stiletto.

The Kitten Heel Trend:

Kitten heels can be worn with almost any outfit, from the figure hugging sheath dresses to shorts and trousers. Whether you are looking for a party wear, formal wear or casual girls outing, kitten heels will serve the purpose.

Few Tips to Choose the Best Kitten Heels:

  • Go for those shoes which are dainty yet very sophisticated. This means pointed toe kitten heels are preferable.
  • If you are looking for a pair of heels which will work for both retro-inspired and modern ensembles, you can go for shoes that are minimalist and simple. Try leather pairs in earthy tones and neutral shades such as black or grey.
  • Feminine details such as bows can add the feminine effect, however keep it relatively simple. Make sure that you don’t go overboard.

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