Best Celebrity Hairstyles 2011

Looking for the hottest summer hairstyle??? Here we have listed top six celebrity hairstyles of this year, 2011 which you may like to steal. Take a look for new ideas!!!


Halle Berry:

Halle’s hairstyle is feminine, sweet, also quick and functional. This haircut works best on an oval face shape. The good thing about this hair cut is that, it is hard to mess up and easy to style. So, if you are looking for a low maintenance hairstyle yet chic, Halle’s haircut is what you are looking for.

Face shape it’s good for:

This hairstyle works well with almost any face shape, however your stylist may need to do a bit here and there to suit your face better. While round faces require shorter sides, long faces require more bangs and heart shaped faces may need more fringe, etc.


Ginnifer Goodwin:

She got a new punk haircut, however she can still maintain her feminine look. This haircut goes really well on her because she has got a lovely petite, oval shaped face. Ginnifer ‘s hairstyle features a super-short cut on both sides and back, having longer hair on the top.

Face shape it’s good for:

This hairstyle works best on heart shaped faces and oval faces, however slightly round shaped and square faces can also try this hairstyle as long as your hair stylist can adapt the style to suit your face shape. If you have a very big face, this haircut may not work as good as it works on petite faces.

Emma Watson:

Emma’s super short haircut looks fabulous and stunning on her. The smooth polished hairdo works really great with her sharp features. This hairstyle can be worn on various ways and styles depending on the individual’s mood. However, the major downside of this hairdo is that, it can get boring easily, especially if you are a girl who wants to change the hairstyle frequently.

Face shape it’s good for:

Honestly, this hairstyle can be worn by almost any face shape. This sleek short hairdo without bangs looks perfect on Emma’s heart shaped face. So here, the way you keep your bangs can change the overall look and style of this hairstyle.


Thandie Newton:

Thandie’s new hairdo is an easy and free long layered bob hairstyle that grazes her shoulders. It looks very sexy and gorgeous without looking high-maintenance. This hairstyle is a good option for those girls who want to experiment with new hairstyle for different occasions. However, you need to take proper care of your hair to preserve that beautiful and silky hairstyle.

Face shape it’s good for:

Well, and the good news is that this haircut can work well on any woman regardless of what face shape you have. How you style your hair and where you part the hair will add your personal touch to this hairstyle and make you stand out from the crowd. However, it’s universally gorgeous.


Sophie Ellis-Bextor:

Sophie’s hairstyle is classic and soft yet very versatile. This hairstyle can be worn in any occasion from office to a girls night out without putting much effort. And it is very easy to maintain. Sophie’s hairstyle is approachable and touchable giving you that pretty girl next door look. If you love to keep your hair loose, you may like to leave your bangs a little longer so that you can tuck them behind your ears.

Face shape it’s good for

: This hairstyle suits almost all face shapes, starting from oval to heart shaped faces, square to round and long faces.


Kim Kardashian:

Today, millions of women are looking for this cheering and high profile luxurious hairstyle. Kim’s hairdo simply looks stunning and glamorous. This hairstyle looks fabulous and adorable because it is well maintained, lustrous and healthy. It looks happy, polished, and not sad and frumpy. The only downside of this hairstyle is that you need to take extra care of your hair. This hairstyle can be a little high maintenance.

Face shape it’s good for:

Kim’s hairstyle works best on heart shaped faces, although it looks good for almost all face shapes. Women with square and round shaped faces may require their stylists to fine-tune the style to soften the edges.

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