Ladies Shorts Fashion

Shorts are definitely one of the favorites of many fashionista ladies, especially this summer. Ladies shorts look smart, trendy, popular and comfortable. Among most appreciated and likeable apparel, ladies shorts are mostly known for their sexy appeal, comfortability, perfect fitting and being very stylish. It can be worn or mixed-and-matched with any top or t-shirt. Shorts are just perfect for being stylish and cool in summer heat. Looking for different ladies shorts styles and types??? Read on the article and get to know them…

Ladies Shorts Styles :

Today, you can find a number of ladies shorts styles in the market to fit in various occasions and to suit every individual’s need. Following are the various styles of ladies shorts.


Beach Shorts:

They are just perfect for any woman, regardless of what body shape you have. Beach shorts are very relaxing and pleasing.



They are the classic ladies shorts which come in loose fitting size and mostly in knee length.


Bermuda Shorts:

They are commonly known as walking shorts or dress shorts. Bermuda shorts are knee-length shorts, comprised with pockets and waist loops, and are perfect for sunny days.


Cargo Shorts:

Cargo shorts are the ideal khaki shorts for women with cargo side-pockets. They are known for the low-maintenance and comfortability. They come in various lengths.



It can be described as a divided skirt, also known as skorts. Culottes are shorts made with a single piece of fabric and give the appearance of short skirts. You can also find culottes covering the skirt panel only in the front part and leaving the back part as typical shorts.


Leather Shorts:

They are one of the most popular shorts among young fashionable women. Leather shorts simply look hot and chic.


Cut-off Shorts:

These shorts are denim, sexy short shorts for women, which are roughly cut-off shorts from the full length jeans . These kind of shorts have gained a lot of popularity since 2010 and they are still very much in summer trend, 2011.

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