Men’s Formal Trousers: Choose the Right Fit According to Your Body Type

robert-pattinson Wearing a proper fitting pair of pants or trousers can drastically change the entire look of a person. Well fitting formal trousers can add a proper professional grace to your overall dressing style. So, it’s very important to choose the perfect fitting trousers to get that right style and look. If you are not sure how to choose the right fitting pants, here are a few tips to help you choose the right trousers according to your body type. Read on and find out…

Trousers For Short People:

Short men should opt for formal pants without pleats, for a pleated trouser will make your legs appear stout and shorter. It’s always better to choose slim cut pants with low rise to create an illusion of taller look. You may like to opt for full cut trousers with a shorter inseam, if you are short and heavy as well.

Trousers For Taller People:

If you are in this group, you don’t have to worry to find any specific style of trouser. Almost all kinds of formal trousers go well for tall guys. Just make sure that, the inseam of the pants are long enough to match your height. Boot-cut style trousers can also be a great option to balance out your tall height and thin look. Guys who are little heavy can go for full cut flat formal pants

Trousers For Obese People:

Guys who have heavy weight or fat around the belly may like to opt for straight cut sans pleats. Wearing a trim cut trouser can camouflage the paunch successfully. People who have bigger thighs and a smaller waist can go for pleated formal pants in order to bring out your aesthetic silhouette by covering the fullness of thighs.

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