2011 Men’s Fashion Tips

zac-efron Men who are very much conscious about fashion and their physical appearance often end up being very choosy while shopping their outfits. Posing a fashionable look and self grooming become the utmost importance in their life. Every person has different taste and sense of style, thus creating a fashion statement often reflects the identity of the person. Men’s fashion attire includes semi-formal, formal and casual clothing that suits the personality of each individual. This article will cover the entire style from hairstyles to clothing to footwear which are essential factors that contribute to your fashion sense. Here are some useful men’s fashion tips to help you improve your style quotient.

Fashion Tips for Men:

Being stylish doesn’t always mean following the latest trend blindly without knowing whether it looks good on you or not. The first and most important fashion tip is to choose the cloth or style that suits your personality and your body type. Then, you may like to groom your masculine features like physique, hairstyle and beard. So, you should understand that fashion is not all about wearing the latest clothes but it goes beyond clothing.


Expensive and branded clothes are not always necessary to make you look trendy. College goers can invest in a cool collection of t-shirts which are non-branded stuffs and simply pair them up with a pair of jeans. People who are very much conscious about brands can choose some good ones for their semi-formal and formal attire. Tommy Hilfiger, Levis, Guess, Hugo Boss, Lacoste, Armani and Louis Vuitton, etc, have a wonderful collection of men’s fashion clothing. A sporty and casual look with tracks and tees from Adidas, Puma and Nike can be worn by anyone. Dazzling designs and bold colors clothing suits a party ambiance. Semi formal shirts printed with different shades have become the favorite of many stylish young adults.

usher When it comes to business formals, wearing a particular brand or branded suit becomes a signature of every fashionable man. Trousers and suits are tailored to perfect fitting to accentuate the best masculine physique. Bold tones blended with soft shades are trademark of retro men’s fashion that looks great on guys with lean build. Make sure that your clothing fits you perfectly whether it is a semi-formal, formal or pair of trendy jeans. Wearing a formal blazer with a pair of jeans is also becoming very popular in today’s fashion world.



Suede and leather are adorned by everyone. Murphy and Johnston offer some of the best and most elegant pattern of men’s footwear. The choice of your footwear largely depends upon the wardrobe you are donning. For example, matte finishing formal shoes go well with proper formal attire, while hiker boots match with shorts and jeans. The rugged branded shoes are great for an adventure trip. Sneakers and sport shoes from Nike, Reebok, Puma and Adidas go well with almost all kinds of casual clothing.



When we are talking about fashion, we cannot leave out hairstyle, because your hairstyle can make a drastic difference to your appearance. With the introduction of many retro styles, the typical look of Elvis Presley is back with a bang again this season. However, the clean shaved or male crew cut is still the favorite of many fashionable guys. The most popular short and cool hairstyles for men include the faux hawk, choppy, spikes, shaggy, emo and classic curls. Although, these hairstyles look best on young adults and teens, older guys can also steal these styles. If long hair is what you admire, you may like to try long razor cut, mohawk, ponytails and braids, they simply look fabulous. Long hairstyles will give you that rockstar and hep look. Besides the hairstyle, maintaining a well groomed mustache and beard is very important when it comes to men’s fashion.

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