Bright Eyes Makeup Trend 2011

katty-perry Fashionista ladies not only require updating their wardrobes to be trendy, but also need to update their makeup style and kit. So, if you are wondering, what is the latest eye make-up trend, bright eyes makeup is what you are looking for. Don’t be afraid to get the hottest eye-makeup kits and experiment with unique colors this summer to make you stand out from others.

Bright -colored eyes have emerged as the hottest eye makeup trend in summer 2011. Many popular make-up artists are experimenting with different vivacious shades in the eyes by using special application tricks to make your eyes pop. They can simply perk up your look within few minutes. This make-up trend is even more popular among many fashionable women around the globe because of it versatility. Any woman can wear this makeup for it suits to almost all eye shapes and skin tones.


Metallic Eye Shade:

Ladies who are looking for that metallic eye shades can go for a coral eye trend, for it is the talk of today’s fashion world. To add a bit of more color, you can opt for a metallic uniform tinting eye shadow that will also flatter your eyes shape. Sizzle this summer with bright colored eyes in metallic shades that include silver and gold.


Lavender Eye Shadow:

If metallic eye shade is not your thing, go for lavender eye shadow. This look is very much in vogue and a hit in the ETRO Summer 2011 show. This shade not only perks up the glam-quotient but also offers a range of variety to experiment with application design.


Purple Eye Shade:

Purple eye shade looks the best for ladies with hazel eyes. It looks fabulous on green and blue eyed ladies as well. Opt for this look in pinkish or coral shade. If you want to add more of sex appeal, you may like to add a bit of yellow eye shade. However, to pull off this look in style and glam, you need to be confident and have the right attitude.

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