Cravat Trends For Men

james-mcavoyThe sophisticated and stylish neck wrap has been the talk of men’s fashion world today. Cravats are stylish, popular and trendy alternatives to classic neck-ties and bow ties. Actually it’s is something in between a men’s neck-tie and scarf. A smart and trendy formal wear that is little different from a traditional tie.

Cravats come in a variety of patterns, styles and prints. Basically, cravats have wider materials than regular neckties, however in today’s fashion you can find them in different sizes. Cravats have gained a lot of popularity since last year and remain the hottest formal trend in men’s fashion, because of their unique style and sophisticated look. They look the same and fulfil the same purpose as regular ties yet making you stand out from the crowd.

The various patterns available vary from checks to stripes, polka to plains and more dense prints. They can be worn simply with a classic, formal shirt and tuxedo. Cravats look far better and formal than a regular tie. They are stylish alternative wears for classic neck ties and are very comfortable and easy to wear. Pre-tied cravats are also quite trendy and popular today in most business professional world.
Not only for regular formal occasions, they are also a great formal accessory for weddings. So, you can wear it on the reception eve or on the wedding, cravats simply look fabulous when paired with a contrast blazer suit or shirt. Cravats will add style element to your formal suit.

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  1. i think edward fox wears cravates so well ..its nice to be different still hoping that someone will come up with a new form of replace the tie its so untrendy

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