Fashion Tips For Short Men

tom-cruise-with-his-wifeAs a short man, you may be knowing the struggle of finding the cloths that are perfecting comfortable and fitting to your body. However, you don’t need to worry any more, here are some fashion tips for short men to help you ease your problems in regards to fashion and style. Besides the height, you also need to consider about your body type, whether you are muscular, heavy set, slim or average, when searching for the right clothes. Take a look of the following fashion tips, these will help you take the right decisions when choosing the perfect clothing and accessories.

Perfect Fit:

  • Choosing the perfect fit is one of the most important fashion tips for short guys. Today’s trend is more of wearing the right fitting or tight clothes and more clean cut clothing rather than loose and baggy clothing like old men’s fashion.
  • This is actually a great advantage for short guys because you can shortened the clothes according to your height, and this is something which tall guys cannot do.
  • So, the best way to wear the right fitting pants for short men is to go for alteration or to shortened the pants if you don’t find the right size. Any local tailor or dry cleaner can do this kind of alteration, and it’ll cost not more than $10-20 dollars.
  • When it comes to jeans, always opt for straight leg, low rise jeans. These kind of jeans work the best for short men.
  • Guys who have a longer torso and shorter legs can go for high waist jeans. This will help them to create the illusion of longer legs than the actual height.
  • When it comes to tops and shirts, short men should avoid wearing V-neck shirts for these will make them look even shorter. Avoid tucking your shirt inside the pants, especially guys with longer legs and a shorter torso. This will make you appear taller height.
  • In regards to purchasing suits, it’s always better to buy the materials and stitch it according to your height and body. Perfect fitting is very important to make you look your best in a suit, whether you are very tall or short.

Colors and Patterns:

  • Your clothes’ patterns and colors can also play a very important role in your appearance, especially if you are short and fat. Short guys may like to go for patterns which are smaller and thinner in order to create the impression of taller and slimmer look.
  • Short heavy set guys may like to go for less patterns and dark colors clothing to produce a slimming and taller effect.
  • Monochromatic clothing makes the person look taller, so make sure that your pants and shirts are in the same shade family. Wearing a different color shirt and a pant can break your height and make you appear even shorter than your actual height.


  • When it comes to accessories, short men should avoid wearing wide accessory items. Whether you are looking for ties, bracelets or watches, always choose longer and thinner sizes and bands.
  • Hats are another great accessory for shorter guys to add a few inches to their height, however ensure that you select the one which is suiting and flattering to your face.
  • In regards to footwear for short guys, go for shoes that have length like tipped, elongated or pointed foot-wears. These kind of shoes will create the impression of longer legs. Shoes with larger heels are also a good option for short men.

Well, so these are some fashion tips for short men. By following and considering these tips while shopping, you can choose the perfect clothing and look as smart as tall guys. If you have any special occassion or meeting to attend, make sure that you keep your clothes ready for at least one week prior to the meeting to ensure that your clothes are perfectly fitting to you.

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