Business Casual Fashion Tips

If you are entering into the business professional environment, you should understand that the corporate environment consists of many fashion dos and don’ts. Business casual is one form of corporate dress code which requires employees to dress professionally yet stylishly. So, if you are working in a professional casual workplace environment, you have different ways to dress fashionably while maintaining your professional image. Read on and learn some good business casual fashion tips for both men and women.


Men’s Business Casual Fashion:

  • Business casual dress codes for men don’t mandate guys to wear typical formal wear like blazers and ties. However, even if it’s not mandatory, you may like to put on your tie and dress up formally if you have some important meetings to attend.
  • Men should wear some relaxed manly slacks for bottoms. Suit pants are not always necessary for business casual attire, but might be required if you have to attend a meeting.
  • Relaxed slacks don’t include denim or cargo pants. You always need to preserve your professional image if you are going to your workplace.
  • Business casual dress code is no different from the attire men would dress in a cocktail party. A pullover shirt, button-down shirt or a simple collared shirt is appropriate for tops, and it should be tucked inside the pants.


Women’s Business Casual Fashion:

  • When it comes to business casual attire, women have a variety of wardrobe items and are much fashion flexible than men.
  • Slacks, skirts and dresses are all appropriate options for business casual dress code. However, they should be pressed and crisped to give that professional look.
  • Keep your pants, skirts, dresses form-fitting in order to maintain appropriateness. Make sure that they are not too tight. Neutral or muted shades would be the right choice when it comes to colors.
  • Beware of slits in dresses and skirts that should not go too far till your thighs. It’s best to choose tops, shirts or dresses that cover your knees and shoulders to preserve that professional image. Avoid wearing deep V-neck tops or blouses in the workplace.



Both men and women should avoid over-accessorizing, for they can be too flashy and distracting in the workplace. Women should avoid wearing those chunky, noisy bangles or bracelets, and chandelier earrings. Choose belts that are free from too many stones, rhinestones or metals, this rule applies to both men and women. Always keep in mind that your outfits for the clubbing and parties are not the right outfit for the workplace.

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