Style Tips for Men: Dress Like a Style Icon

jude-lawTo dress like many style-icon celebrities, it is not always necessary to have the most expensive and all the latest clothes. However, you certainly need to have a distinctive style which bears your signature such as certain accessories and hairstyle. To start with, you may like to do some research and find out what’s in the trend that suits both your taste and your body. You also need to understand how to camouflage the flaws and highlight your silhouette. Always remember that being fashionable doesn’t mean wearing uncomfortable and unusual clothes. Here we have listed a few style icons wardrobe essentials which every man depends upon in order to build his own style.

Let’s move on to something more complicated stuffs, since the basic wardrobe of every guy consists of everyday t-shirts and jeans.

  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors. Deep bright shades look fabulous when mixed with some basic, neutral shades such as black, navy and gray.
  • Experiment with patterns and prints. Throw a bunch together and try making a fashion statement. For instance, pick up a bold print or pattern and mix with other darker neutral colored clothes.
  • No fashion is complete without adding the right accessories. Belts, scarves, ties, square pockets, cufflinks, chains, rings, bracelets and watches are some of the must-have accessories for every guy who wants to dress up stylishly.
  • Make sure that you have at least one proper suit. A proper fitting suit is mean to emphasize your masculine body, slim waist, broad shoulder and long legs.
  • A blazer or a coat. It needs to accentuate your broad shoulders and suit your taste at the same time.


Choose your Style:

  • Cool leather jackets, shirts and jeans are always there in men’s fashion. However, fashion is all about how well you present yourself by wearing the right clothes in the right way.
  • So, if you want to have a edgy look or feel like a rebel, pre-wrinkled fabrics, jackets and worn-looking jeans are your things. Add some grungy or edgy look into your clothing style and create a slight messy hairstyle.
  • You may like to go for a well-fitted blazer with a nice tailored shirt and a pair of good trousers, or a proper fitted suit, if you want that “presentable and elegant look”. Turtleneck with a jacket or a blazer is also a great option for pleasing look.



  • World’s sexiest guy, Johnny Depp often seen sporting this layering style to create his signature look and he definitely looks amazing. However, you need to be careful since wearing too much clothes can overkill the style.
  • An unbuttoned coat or jacket that shows off your shirt and blazer will do. Adding a scarf work well in creating layering style, especially when draped around your neck.
  • Peeking out shirt’s hem and sleeves styled properly will also work well in adding layers to your clothing.

Flattering Designs:

  • Don’t follow any style blindly. Opt for designs and styles that flatter your body and personality. Don’t try to cover your good body under baggy clothes. They will simply make you look shapeless.
  • Stay away from those double breast jackets or coats that have big lapels and too many buttons for they will simply add you extra weight and make you look bulky.



  • Adding a few jewelries can create a big difference in your look. Keep your jewelry small and simple, if you feel that wearing jewelry is making you look unmanly.
  • Wearing a thin leather bracelet or a silver/gold bracelet adds style to your look without making you look too flashy. A fancy big wrist watch can help spice up your boring outfits.
  • Having bad eyesight??? Don’t worry, nerdy, geek look is what many girls go GAGA over in men this days. Let your eye glasses be a part of your fashion accessories and style. Just choose a trendy style frame and a flattering shape.

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